Affordable Beauty For All From Make Up Revolution

Make Up Revolution have been one of the most talked about brands lately, with their new releases it’s a brand that has been on everyone’s lips. To be 100% honest, I’m all about affordable make up, I mean don’t get me wrong I like some high end make up, but let’s be real here, I can’t afford to buy high end make up all the time. I want to have stuff that is good value for money, that works with me, that is cruelty free and vegan and looks amazing. So are they 100% worth it?

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A Dream Foundation For Dry Skin – Too Faced Born This Way

Foundation can be a struggle for someone with combination skin, so I get quite bad moments of dry skin. Lately however I’ve had incredibly dry skin, I mean to the point where my skin flakes, it is tight but of course I want a bit of coverage on my skin, especially if I’m off out somewhere nice. I’ve heard so much about this foundation and it has been one of those purchases that I’ve been contemplating for a while, but I finally took the plunge, so how did I get on with it? Would I recommend it? Does it last?

I did a lot of background research before I went ahead and bought it, I mean I wanted to know pretty much everything before I went and dropped £29 on a foundation. From what other people thought with similar skin tones, to looking into the coverage more. I basically want to know everything physically possible before I decide to buy something! 

So I got the shade snow which is basically for very fair skin with neutral to pink undertones, which is basically my skin summed up! The foundation says that it is about a medium to full coverage foundation which basically leaves your skin looking luminous. 

When it comes to full coverage foundations on my own skin I don’t like it to be noticeable, I like it to be natural and looking fabulous! 

I’ve tried applying this foundation in a couple of different ways, once with a brush and once with a beauty blender – and I personally found that with a beauty blender it came out a lot better with a blender rather than a brush. That might have been because I’m not a fan of any foundation with a brush because I find that it irritates any kind of dry skin I have. 

Onto the coverage, it says obviously it is a medium to full coverage foundation and I found that it really is! It was so easy to build, leaving your skin with this luminous glow, that doesn’t look greasy. The breaking point for me with a foundation is if it is heavy on the skin, or you feel like it is going to cake on your skin. This one is super lightweight, it gives you the most amazing coverage without feeling like it is going to block your pores! 

If you’re like me, and in the warmer months you get super hot, struggle with the heat, then you end up worrying that your make up is slowly going to slide off your face. Do you know what though this foundation stood the test of time. Last week we had those really hot days, I was honestly sweating so much, not a pretty sight I know, but it didn’t budge an inch and one thing I did notice was it didn’t oxidise as I wore it. I’ve had many a foundation that as the day has gone on I end up looking like an Ooompa Loompa. 

I have shade Snow and this is what it looks like on my arm, on the face it is such a good match for my skin and doesn’t make me look orange at all, it looks undetectable on the skin so does exactly what it says it’s going to! 

So What does my skin look like with the foundation? 

Have you tried this foundation? Do you like the result? Let me know in the comments!

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The Ordinary – The Budget Beauty Brand You Need To Try

The Ordinary are by far one of the cheapest beauty brands out there, everyone has been raving about this brand forever, I have tried Deciem before which is the umbrella that The Ordinary is under, but the Ordinary has been a new one to me. I’ve been trialling these bits and pieces for a while, some since before Christmas. These products all come in under £10 and they last forever, some I have bought again hence why one bottle looks completely full, but I’m going to talk about why you need to try this brand this year more than anything!

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March Favourites – The Spring Must Haves

So I’ve managed to forget to share my favourites, it’s been a busy month. Now we are firmly into April and fingers crossed spring is just around the corner, I’ve got you covered with some of my favourite picks from last month, the products you need, and they’re budget friendly! So here are my top favourites from March, and the products that I’ve tried, tested, loved and they also don’t break the bank! Value for money and amazing products, you can’t really go wrong can you? So are you ready to find out more? Grab a cuppa and let’s go!

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The Importance Of Priming Your Skin And My Favourites

Priming your skin is so important, especially for me because there is nothing worse than your make up looking absolutely amazing, then an hour later it basically sliding off your face. I can’t be dealing with that, so I’m talking about why it’s important for you to prime your skin & my favourite primers! I mean I’m not kidding when I say I have a lot of primers, however they all work for very different skin days or basically how I’m feeling about my skin! Some of them are super budget friendly, others are a splurge, but they’re all incredible!

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Affordable Highlighters You Will Fall In Love With

We all know how much I adore a good highlighter, I am the kind of person that would want to glow from ear to ear and be in competition with the sunshine with that glow. I am also very much the kind of person that is all about affordable beauty, that is also vegan friendly. I have way too many highlighters to count, mainly because if it glows, leaves me with gorgeous glowing skin, then I’m there like a shot, doesn’t matter if I’ve already got about 20 (which I have – oops!) Here are 8 of my favourites!

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February Favourites – Products You Need

Now I know I am a bit late with the upload of this post, sorry about that. February finished almost a week and a half ago, however throughout that month I was falling in love with new products, products I already had, and rediscovering old favourites. I’ve got some seriously amazing products for you to lust over and hopefully go and purchase! It’s a mixture of skincare and make up so I am hoping there is literally something for everyone in this, so grab a cuppa, get comfy and get ready to fall in love with some new products!

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