Gorgeous Jewellery With Jewellery Box*

We all need gorgeous accessories don’t we, I mean no one can beat a good bit of jewellery, especially when we can match it to our mood and what compliments our outfits. I’ve always been a massive fan of jewellery, I have a beautiful collection of pieces, and some family pieces too from my Nan on my mum’s side. The thing I love about jewellery is that it is so individual! We all have our own sense of style, and there might be someone with a similar piece of jewellery but the way we style it is completely different! So are you ready to find out what gorgeous pieces I received from Jewellery Box.

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Christmas Gifts With Chlobo*

Christmas Gifts With Chlobo

Ah Christmas is coming which means that it is time to start looking for the perfect gift, and I have an amazing idea for you. Chlobo has such beautiful jewellery! There are so many amazing choices that you can find on their website which means that it you can find a gift even for the most picky person with their handmade designer jewellery, so are you ready to see what I thought of this gorgeous Grey Agate Sparkle Ball Moon & Stars Hamsa Hand Bracelet? Let’s go.

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Sailbrace Bracelet – The Must Have Accessory*


I love a good accessory and not only that I love bracelets! I wear them a lot, especially when it comes to going out for a special event like a birthday.  I’d always wanted one because I’d seen them in America but honestly didn’t believe they would ever come to the UK, and now they have! They are so beautiful too, I mean look at how stunning they are and you could style them with anything and they would look absolutely perfect. So are you ready to find out precisely what I thought? Chill out and have a beautiful read.

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Jord Watches & A Chance To Win $75 Coupon*

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I totally believe that there should be more wood watches in the world, I mean it is such an underused material for a lot of things and wood watches are literally the best thing in the world. I had wanted a wooden watch for so long, I had seen some online and I literally fell in love with them, I mean honest they’re just so beautiful in so many ways. So are you ready to find out more about these beautiful watches?

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Flo Accessories Review *

So a week or so ago I got a fabulous mirror through the post from the incredible Flo Accessories with a Celebrity Mini Mirror. I am the type of person who will make sure I have a mirror on me wherever I go and this one is absolutely perfect.


There is my fabulous mirror, it’s incredible. Now you’re probably thinking it’s just a mirror, however it has LED lights in it one side of the mirror, so when you’re going out and you’re in the car, trying to add a little mascara but you can’t see because it’s dark, well this is literally the answer to your prayers.

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