My Vegan Foodie Favourites

When it comes to vegan snacks I feel like I know exactly what I want and are the best ones. I think sometimes people think vegan snacks/treats include carrots and munching on lettuce, well here I am just to prove you wrong! These are snacks that I would take anywhere and everywhere, that are delicious and something that everyone really should try. A snack/treat not pictured that I love is a Vego bar because I decided to eat it, and it was so good! Anyway, these are all treats/snacks that are my personal favourites, that are filling and super delicious!

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A Taste Of Summer With Cracker Drinks*

Aahh the weather this week has been so up and down, one minute the sun is out, the next minute it is freezing cold, I mean what is going on? Anyway, now is the time for the warmer months to arrive and I’m fully ready for cocktails, drinks with ice in with a light breeze! Cracker Drinks are a new brand to me, but when the drinks arrived they would be perfect for summer and to enjoy mixing with a little bit of alcohol, so are you ready to find more about the drinks you need this summer? Let’s go!  View Post

Doisy & Dam Snaps – A Chocoholics Dream*

We all know I love chocolate, I mean it is one of my favourite things in the world, and Doisy and Dam’s chocolates are some of the best, they have now introduced a new range which is Doisy and Dam snaps, the perfect option for on the go. I mean I’ll take chocolate anywhere and everywhere, however if you’re travelling, you need to have good chocolate for the road, these come in resealable pouches too, so if you’re unlike me and won’t eat them all in one go, then these pouches will be perfect. Ready to find out more?

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The Vegan Chocolate Shop – Your New Favourite Shop*

We all know that I have serious love for chocolate, I mean there is nothing better than a delicious chocolate bar after a long day, and having one place online where we can find so many different chocolate brands is amazing right? Well today I’m going to be talking about the Vegan Chocolate Shop, a new store to me but a store that I have absolutely fallen in love with! They have so much selection and have sent me over some incredible chocolates to try (some are my favourite) so I’m going to give you the low down on these chocolates and the company!

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The Pretzel Bites Of Dreams From Indie Bay Snacks*

I’m all about that snack life, I mean life without snacks, just doesn’t seem like the life for me. So finding snacks that I can take on the go, especially if I am travelling or just going out and about is so important. However when it comes to my snacks, I want to make sure that it is something that I can really enjoy, introducing Pretzel Bites from Indie Bay Snacks! I’ve only in the last few years really started liking pretzels, so when I was offered to try these snacks, I was definitely excited!

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The Perfect Dairy Free Dessert From The Coconut Collab*


It’s summer which means we all want a fabulously refreshing dessert that is sweet, delicious, tasty and is the kind of treat, so when I was sent these little pods of happiness, I was in my absolute element! I’ve absolutely loved The Coconut Collaborative since I went vegan, I have had their ice cream and their yoghurts, so I know how delicious their products really are, and all of their goodies are too yummy to even describe, however I am going to give it an amazing go with these gorgeous treats!

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Cirio Tomatoes Review And Hamper Giveaway*

Being vegan, I add tomatoes in literally everything (no joke) and they’re something I would quite happily snack on during the day, loving them doesn’t fully express how I feel about tomatoes, anyway I digress. Having travelled to Italy I am obsessed with Italian food, I always have been and I have always tried to get it just right, so when I want approached by Cirio I was honestly in my element because I love anything that helps me to get that amazing flavour that I’ve never got over here! Ready to find out more? Of course you are, and be prepared to get hungry!

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