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I have been very lucky to have the chance to get to know some incredible companies in my time as a blogger and Goodyfull is a company that I am so lucky to have had the pleasure of working with. If you have never heard of Goodyfull they do an amazing subscription box, I have come up with some amazing recipes for them in the past, and there are a few more to come, I just haven’t had a chance to create them. If you want to see the recipes they’re here: Vegan raspberry, banana, cacao nice cream, Vegan chocolate & strawberry glazed doughnuts & Vegan coconut flour breakfast cakes. The subscription box has a variety of different things in it and has a wide variety of products which are perfect for your daily living. Ready to get to know Goodyfull? Let’s go.

1.What was the reason you started your blog/business? 
Goodyfull was created because we believe that everyone is entitled to a happy, healthy and positive lifestyle. We celebrate all those who understand what is wonderful and beneficial about a blissful and balanced life and are taking all the right steps to achieve it.
2.What have you learned through your blogging/business journey?
It is difficult to describe because I am still learning will do for as long as my journey goes on. I have gained plenty of knowledge in terms of nutrition, exercise and mindset. Most importantly, however, how to use that knowledge in real life situations.
3. How would you best describe your blog/business?
A brand providing the tools to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle.
4. Name something quirky that you can do, that we might not know about you/your business.
I can make spaghetti carbonarra that would make an Italian chef proud.
5.What was one of your favourite posts to write or create? What about it did you enjoy the most?
Cacao vs Cocoa – like most people for a long time I didn’t know there was a difference, It was great to share that knowledge. To read that amazing post, click here!
6.Why should someone come and visit your blog/shop/business?
Goodyfull was started to help people who lead or are on the journey to a happy healthy lifestyle. We do our best to provide the tools and knowledge to make that journey a little bit easier.
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Goodyfull are doing an amazing event a Nutrition, Exercise & Well Being Intro. For more info, please click here
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