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Hey darlings! So as you probably know, I now offer advertising on my blog (can I get a wooo) and this month Claire aka Aloha Lola Cards is one of my main advertisers, and it gives me such happiness to introduce an incredibly talented illustrator, the fabulous Claire!

Claire is the fantastic person that is behind the wonderful Aloha Lola Cards where she designs some of the most wonderful greeting cards, caricatures, blog headers and other digital designs and honestly they’re fantastic, she is ridiculously talented. Not only is she an amazing illustrator I can trust her with anything, she is one of my closest friends and I can talk to her about anything and everything.

1. Why did you start your business? 

I actually started my business because I, unfortunately, got quite ill and ended up housebound. It was a horrible situation and to fill in time I rekindled an old passion, drawing. I knew my friends liked my drawings but I wondered if there was anyone else out there that would show the same appreciation. I decided to be brave and created a little shop on Etsy – selling caricatures and cute greeting cards – which has been growing ever since!

2. What have you learned through your business journey? 

I knew that starting a business was going to be very, very difficult and I knew I would need to invest time and energy to make it work. What I didn’t appreciate at first was the costs it was going to involve. Postage, packaging, materials, advertising… it all adds up even for a little artistic business on Etsy! What I have also discovered however is how amazing and supportive your customers are. I have had such love from people who genuinely love my work and it is so humbling. Honestly, sometimes it could move me to tears!

3. How would you best describe your business? 

I would describe my business as a vibrant little creative cove that aims to uplift customers through the medium of art! In short, I want to be that little ray of sunshine to others. It is such a pleasure to create imaginative illustrations and designs inspired by them! 

4. Name something quirky about you that we might not know.  

I’m a very quirky individual but I got stuck on this question! I can touch my nose with my tongue, does that count?! I guess something that people might not know about me is I used to be a technician that operated the spotlight at my local theatre (I’ve seen so many tribute shows I’ve lost count!) I also used to be a youth worker so I have run lots of pop up shops and events for young people which was fun!

5. What has been one of your favourite things to create? What did you enjoy the most about it?

My favourite thing I’ve created to date are my digital portraits! It’s such much fun to illustrate people, their individual styles, their individual looks… and then to see it pop up on their websites and blogs is amazing! Never gets old. 


An example of Claire’s amazing digital portraits!

6. Why should someone come and visit your shop/business? 

People should come to my shop because I do uplifting and adorable illustrations – whether that be in a blog header or a greeting card – if you can dream it up, I can design it! I’m purse friendly and very friendly too!

Go and visit Claire’s amazing shop over at Aloha Lola Cards or by click here to make a fantastic purchase that is purse friendly. 

Fancy being one of my advertisers? Click here to get all the info and message me to reserve your spot!


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