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Aaaah it’s the end of October, and that means dare I say it, everything to do with Christmas is honestly going to go into overdrive! This is something that I have been excited for for so long because I love Christmas! October has been a fabulous month, I have got so much done it is crazy and managed to reach some of my goals too, but I’m so excited for the rest of the year! This month I have been so blessed to have some of the most amazing bloggers in my sidebar, so are you ready to find out more about them? Grab a fabulous hot chocolate and let’s go.


Lottie is an absolutely incredible lady, not only that her blog is absolute perfection! She has some of the best cruelty free posts around, I absolutely adore her posts, they’re such a fun read, but not only that she makes you feel so at home on her blog! You will find on Lottie’s blog a variety of posts from lifestyle to beauty, fashion and vintage, there is something for everyone on there!

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Kirsty is one of my closest friends and has been since I started blogging! She is one of those people I know I can rely on when I need a good cheer up, I can go over to her blog and chill out with her posts. Nothing tends to make me happier than that in all honesty! On Kirsty’s blog you will find a variety of topics that are close to her heart, for example music playlists, her playlists are absolute perfection and there are a variety of different tastes on there too!

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Bex is another of my closest friends, she is an absolute sweetheart, and her posts/videos never fail to make me smile! She does the most amazing beauty videos, and honestly I have some serious envy when it comes to her make up skills. She is ridiculously talented when it comes to the way she comes to the way she comes across, she makes me feel like I’m sitting right next to her having a chat and that she is speaking directly to me!

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say sally may

Sally is one of the most genuine people I know! She has one of the most beautiful blogs ever, but not only that she makes me feel so comfortable with her posts. Recently she has been in Japan (you can see it all over her Instagram) and it gives me such envy! On her blog you will find a variety of posts from food to fashion to beauty and lifestyle, there is something for everyone to fall in love with over there!

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