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my friend can't cook

It’s been an incredible month of fantastic for people who are on my sidebar, and the best bit here is another chance for you to get to know another incredible blogger so let’s kick of with the incredible Lore. Lore is an absolutely incredible person and her blog is fantastic, not that I am biased or anything, now if you’ve never heard of Lore then this is an incredible chance for you to get to know her!

1. What was the reason you started your blog/business?

My friend was about to start uni and we spoke about the fact she can’t cook and that there were many others like her. So I figured, as the daughter of a chef, and a student, I have a huge opportunity here to appeal to those like my friend. I’ve always loved food since a young age, more than the average child. And so writing about it was inevitably going to happen.

2. What have you learned through your blogging/business journey?

Over the year, I’ve learnt how to manage my time a lot better. Food blogging is hard work. As a student, I don’t have LOADS of money or time. I’m having to rely on good weather and early mornings in order to create photos of a certain quality. But if I don’t start coursework on time, that can take over and mess up the blogging cycle, So yeah, I’ve definitely learnt how to manage my time better.

3. How would you best describe your blog/business?

I’d say my blog (though it’s in its early stages) is a students guide to cooking and eating (and soon travel!!)

4. Name something quirky that you can do, that we might not know about you.

I’m obsessed with smell. I can’t cope with bad smells.

5. What was one of your favourite posts to write or create? What about it did you enjoy the most?

I think it was Grandma’s Garlic Prawns. I think that’s the tastiest recipe I’ve ever created personally. I couldn’t really tell you why I enjoyed creating it. I think I just loved the picture haha.

6. Why should someone come and visit your blog/shop/business?

If you or your friend can’t cook, I cut the long story short and make the easiest and tastiest recipes. And if you don’t know where to eat on a budget, I’ve got you sorted.

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      Thank you so much my darling, it honestly means a lot! Lore is fabulous! <3

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