8 Simple Ways To Improve Your Mood

We all have bad days sometimes, so it is really important to find simple ways to instantly improve your mood. So what are the simplest ways you can improve your mood?

I am going to share my top tips with you and why you need them in your life.

01. Play a happy play list on Spotify

I have a few playlists on my Spotify account that I know will instantly cheer me up. They’re normally songs that I can sing along to or that get me up and moving.

Although sometimes they can genuinely be older songs too from when I was a teen that bring back amazing memories with my friends.

02. Create a distraction

Sometimes when you’re in a really bad mood you end up overthinking the problem and focusing way too much on what is going on.

Instead do something to take your mind off it, this can be something really simple like:

  • tidy your house
  • put your favourite series on TV
  • watch your favourite movie
  • call a loved one.

Giving yourself some space between the thing that is causing your bad mood can help.

03. Watching the sunrise or sunset

I’m an absolute sucker for a good sunrise or sunset, and in my opinion is is the perfect start or end to a day.

When I see the sunrise it is literally a reminder that today is a new day. Yesterday is the past, and today is the time to write our next chapter.

Watching the sun go down gives me a chance to reflect on the day and it also gives me a chance to wind down.

04. Make or order your favourite meal

We all have our favourite foods, and sometimes ordering your favourite food or recreating it at home can be a great mood booster.

I am a firm believer in treating yourself, so whatever your favourite food is, do it!

Never forget to nourish your body and nourish your soul.

05. Organise yourself

I’m a massive organiser, and I personally feel like organising can really help you to find some order when you’re in a bad mood.

Whether it is skincare, make up, your wardrobe, your clothes, sometimes a good clear our can be good for the soul.

06. Smile

Might sound really strange, but smile. Find your reasons to smile.

It might be you watch some funny YouTube videos, I mean I’m a sucker for watching cute animal videos. I mean my husband tends to send me videos of cats being super cute, and I’m just a sucker for that.

Whatever makes you smile, find it, and it will boost your mood!

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07. Light some candles and create a cosy haven

I’m definitely the kind of person that loves to create a cosy safe space. By creating that amazing safe haven it instantly improves my mood. If, like me you struggle with the shorter days, setting up fairy lights, blankets, cosy and relaxing can really help.

Candles really can help to make a relax, and there are some amazing scents that really help me to feel calm. I go for fruity scents, or if I’m winding down, I will go for a lavender scent.

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08. Try something new

I am a massive advocate for trying something, new and this can be a variety of things such as:

  • try a new recipe
  • try a new walking/running route
  • trying a new TV show
  • trying a new workout.

These are really simple things, however, if you’re comfortable push your boundaries, this is your life.

Those are the simple ways to improve your mood. What options would you try? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Amy says:

    Love this! Putting on music really makes a difference to my mood!
    Amy x

  • Claire Mac says:

    Yes to organising. A tidy house = a tidy mind for me. I can get especially flustered when the house is a mess because I instantly add tidying 101 different things to my to do list. I love what you said about one music as well reminding you of people or places. I love listening to the music I would in my teens. It brings beach so many good memories.


  • Mind Beauty Simplicity says:

    great suggestions – and such a positive read here. thanks for sharing!

  • Richie says:

    Hi Amie,

    Some excellent suggestions for lifting our spirits.

    Following on from your Smile suggestion, I like to combine this with a very enthusiastic cheery greeting to other people when I’m out walking my dog. Sometimes they smile back and give a cheery greeting of their own. Other times they look to be in complete shock and don’t quite know what to say or do! Either response makes me happy 🙂 (I know, I’m childish!)

  • Corinne says:

    The best thing for me is to go out and do something! Distraction and a different environment does wonders for me.

  • Love these ideas. I find trying something new always lifts my mood and you can’t beat a beautiful sunset!

  • Cosiness and some me time is a great way to boost my mood. I also like to be organised and tick things off my list!

  • Simona says:

    Some great tips here, Amie! I love cooking my favourite meal to boost my mood, it makes me look forward to something and cheers me up always!

  • Gemma says:

    Music always boosts my mood, I don’t know what it is about it but it’s a miracle worker!

  • Loved reading this! Organising helps lift my mood immediately as I find it so relaxing x

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