Ananda’s Marshmallows Review

the treats you need

I had been looking for so many different types of treats when it comes to being vegan I struggle to be able to find treats that I like (I’m so picky) but when I tried these I was completely amazed with how perfect they tasted. I have really missed marshmallows and these were absolutely perfect.

the product


What the marshmallows look like:




These taste so good, honestly, they taste like little vanilla pillows, they are so perfect. What I love the most about these was the fact that the sweetness is just the right amount, it’s not too much, it’s just right.


I have found in the past that marshmallows can be chewy or stick to your teeth but these are just right, they’re soft, light, fluffy and overall they’re the best marshmallows I’ve ever had.


I honestly am so glad that I have found these fabulous marshmallows, they are so comforting and what I love the most is I can also put them in hot chocolate and as winter comes around, it will be perfect for your evening with a hot bubble bath. Doesn’t that sound pretty perfect? Of course it does!


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