The Down Low On Beauty Truths

Bloggers everywhere will know that when it comes to beauty tips, it’s about finding something that works for you, and trying to keep your skin in the most healthy condition that it needs to be, so I decided to go through a few beauty tips that can help you!

exercise is amazing

When you are working out, you obviously sweat like it’s going out of fashion, and it can really help to push the toxins out of your skin, however not only is it good for your skin but it can be a huge source of stress release which can really help deal with breakouts!

layering skincare is fabulous

What you need to remember is there isn’t going to be one solution for everything even though it might say it does so much. Personally I use a serum which helps my skin to lock in the moisturise my skin, and then I use a moisturiser which makes sure my skin is moisutrised all the way down.

mix your beauty products

We all have our favourite brands, specific brands we go to because we love the way it makes our skin feel, the way that it looks after our skin, or even the way that we love our skin, but don’t close all of your options, there are lots of different skin care options so look around, look for what works on your skin.

don’t forget to moisturise

Moisturising is so important, from your hair to your skin, to your heels, to your face, to your eyes and lips, everything needs to be moisturised. We tend to forget all about our heels, but your eyes as well, especially with the pollen around at the moment moisturising your eyes is incredibly important, it can help to ease the irritation!

don’t knock cheaper make up

The price of make up doesn’t mean that it isn’t any good, if anything sometimes it can be better and not everyone can afford it, but thinking about it, when it comes to quality there is very little difference in some cases. Search around, look at what is available to you, sometimes you can get named brand options in cheaper places like Poundland or the 99p store, so it helps to look around!

gadgets can be fabulous

Recently the incredible Magnitone sent me one of their fabulous lucid exfoliator, it’s incredible on the skin, and it literally makes your skin feel brand new afterwards, it is a little expensive, but I promise you its worth the investment. For my Magnitone review please click here I promise you it’s worth it.

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