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As most people will know I love to have healthy foods, and it has been one of the big things that have helped with my weight loss so I am always looking for healthy and fabulous foods to have for breakfast and throughout the day. So when I found this fabulous company at the Just V Show, I was in absolute heaven.

the product


This is the fabulous Power Of Red Super food Cereal Pots.



Oh my gosh it tastes amazing, I love the way it tastes. In the morning I love it to be fruity and fabulous and this is perfect, the taste wakes up your fabulous taste bugs and makes you feel ready for the day. The other fabulous thing about this fabulous breakfast is the fact that it is so filling, I had one of these pots at 6am and I didn’t feel hungry until about 1pm which was absolutely fabulous.


It has a very thick, however, you could make it a more watery consistency if you wanted it to, but it was absolutely delicious, the thickness of the cereal actually makes you feel fuller for longer, or at least that is what I found.


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the other flavour




The chocolate flavour is absolutely amazing, if you have a sweet tooth and you need something chocolaty with your breakfast then this a fabulous but healthy way to incorporate it into your day. What I love the most about this fabulous breakfast cereal, is the fact that it isn’t too over the top with the chocolate taste, sometimes it can be one of those foods where it is too over the top with the taste but this is just right.


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