Biona Mini Fruit Bears Review

Sweetie Heaven

I have had the fabulous mini fruit bears a lot, thank gosh for Ocado, and when I found that they were at the Just V Show, there was no chance that I was going to miss them, I needed to go there, and when I found




They taste so good, honestly, they’re like a little piece of heaven, they are so fruity, and delicious, the only problem is you end up wanting more and more, one bag is never enough. These fabulous sweets taste literally like you’re biting into the fruit, so it’s amazing how perfect they are for a treat.


What I love about these fabulous sweets is they aren’t too chewy, when it comes to sweets, sometimes you end up chewing your way through a sweet, they are chewy but they’re also easy to eat, so if you were wanting a fruity sweet as a treat for your child, these are perfect.


I will be 100% buying these over and over again, they are too delicious not to have them, I’d recommend them to anyone who wanted something sweet.

for a list of stockists, click HERE to see where you can get these pieces of heaven.

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  1. facebook-profile-picture 28/07/2015 / 3:07 pm

    You can get them from Ocado, and I think Holland and Barrett do them too! They’re absolutely delicious and so full of flavour! <3

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