Winter Skincare

When it come to skincare, we all seem to forget that it is just as important in the winter as it is in the summer, I personally think the reason I forget to use things like sun cream is because it’s not summer when you would most. With the sunshine out more often and us all wanting to spend most of our time in the garden, or down the beach, or in the water, either way, we’re more likely to be outside! So when it comes to winter we all forget the effects that winter has on our skin, I know in terms of my own skin in the winter I have drier skin. This can be from things like the wind and freezing temperatures.

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Beauty Saviors

I have reviewed regularly for Amphora Aromatics, and I’ve honestly I have loved everything I’ve tried. I have a combination skin type, which means when it comes to using some beauty products, my skin may or may not like it, so when I find something that really works for me I’m all over it and I stick with it because it is so difficult for me. If you missed my previous posts about Amphora Aromatics, click here and here.

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Coming up on today Amphora Aromatics Lavender & Tea Tree face lotion. To catch up with everything on my blog click the link in my bio ☝

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Amphora Aromatics

I have previously reviewed for this incredible company if you missed that post check that out here, but I got sent this incredible vegan deodorant, it’s amazing, I have been on the prowl for an amazing vegan deodorant because I’ve been using up all of my non vegan supplies (I’ve nearly finished them, it’s only taken them a year) but when I got this I was so excited it’s ridiculous, I can be so strange sometimes, honestly.

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Bloggers everywhere will know that when it comes to beauty tips, it’s about finding something that works for you, and trying to keep your skin in the most healthy condition that it needs to be, so I decided to go through a few beauty tips that can help you!

exercise is amazing

When you are working out, you obviously sweat like it’s going out of fashion, and it can really help to push the toxins out of your skin, however not only is it good for your skin but it can be a huge source of stress release which can really help deal with breakouts!

layering skincare is fabulous

What you need to remember is there isn’t going to be one solution for everything even though it might say it does so much. Personally I use a serum which helps my skin to lock in the moisturise my skin, and then I use a moisturiser which makes sure my skin is moisutrised all the way down.

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With the warmer weather finally starting to stand outside our front doors it’s time to start looking at how we can stay safe in the sunshine.

Start off with sun protection 

Sun protection is ridiculously important, when looking for the right sun protection you need to look at broad spectrum sunscreens which protect against UVA and UVB rays which can be some of the most harmful rays.

In the UK the UVA protection protection is measured with a star rating, so the higher the star rating, the greater the protection the sun screen has to offer. What I would suggest however, is trying not to lay out in the sunshine between 11am and 3pm, so during these times try to stay in the shade to avoid damage to your skin.

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We have those moments where we put lots of products on our hair to moisturise it, to make sure that it is soft, to deal with fly aways yet we don’t actually look to see what is in our products. With all of the nice smells we get from the products, all of the adverts that tell us we will have luscious, silky soft hair we all long for, but I have found that coconut oil has actually helped my hair so much it’s like it’s been rescued.

I have incredibly thick hair, it’s fine but there is a lot of it, and  it struggles to retain any moisture, well I tried coconut oil, because a friend on tumblr had mentioned it, and I thought why not, I massaged it into the ends, and then left it massaged into my scalp for around 20 minutes, washed it out with shampoo and got out and my split ends were practically non existent, my hair was soft, manageable and fly away’s had been tamed.

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During the summer months your skin can go through a rough time, especially when the sunshine comes out so it’s important to protect your skin to keep it healthy.

So what are my top picks ready for the summer?


I have had some amazing results when it comes to using this on my skin, the way the cleanser makes your skin feel, it’s incredible and not only that, with the lavender it can help even out your skin tone, and promote healthy skin.

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