Lush Summer Must Haves – Face

During the summer months your skin can go through a rough time, especially when the sunshine comes out so it’s important to protect your skin to keep it healthy.

So what are my top picks ready for the summer?


I have had some amazing results when it comes to using this on my skin, the way the cleanser makes your skin feel, it’s incredible and not only that, with the lavender it can help even out your skin tone, and promote healthy skin.


If you’re prone to spots or blemishes, then herbalism can really help you, with clearing your skin, and not only that nettle and rosemary will cleanse your skin and will exfoliate your skin. I have found with this one, it can really help combination skin, this is the one that I used and my skin felt a lot happier.


This is perfect for when you are getting ready to go out in the morning, it absorbs oil, cleans and clears your skin. It is my go to in the morning, especially if I am running late! What I would suggest however is just make sure you don’t over cleanse it with the soap because sometimes if you use too much it can dry your skin out.


If you have skin which is prone to breakouts or problems then I would suggest that this will really help your skin. This toner is important because the toner will help to clear your skin, but at the same time it will be a gentle treatment, so not too harsh on your skin. 5

Refreshing waters are the new trend to hit celebrities, Kim Kardashian is very open about using it to keep skin clear and refreshed throughout the day. There are however lots on the market and Lush do quite a few too, but the tea tree version is my favourite.


Skin drink is a blessing when you’ve used a cleanser and it will help your skin to have a protective layer over the top and moisturise your skin to give it everything it needs. This moisturiser lasts ages, you don’t need to much of it either.


This fabulous spot treatment can help to clear and calm your skin, because when you have spots your skin can be inflamed and angry and this spot treatment can really help! It can help if you use this at the first sign of a spot because that way it can get working before it makes it way into a bigger spot.


This face mask is a God send, and not only that it smells like chocolate, did you hear that win win situation? With this face mask it can help to soften, tone and cleanse your skin and make your skin feel fabulous and look it’ best.

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