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Amphora Aromatics

I have previously reviewed for this incredible company if you missed that post check that out here, but I got sent this incredible vegan deodorant, it’s amazing, I have been on the prowl for an amazing vegan deodorant because I’ve been using up all of my non vegan supplies (I’ve nearly finished them, it’s only taken them a year) but when I got this I was so excited it’s ridiculous, I can be so strange sometimes, honestly.

The Product



It smells amazing, it has such a strong smell of lemon, but not only that it is so fresh and the lemon is perfect, when you lift your arms you end up getting this strong and beautiful waft of lemon it is just so lovely to have something so fresh. The other fabulous thing about this is the scent lasts ages!

Long lasting?

It actually lasts quite a while, I’ve been using it for when I work out, because it’s easier to see whether or not it stands up to during the times I sweat the most, and honestly it did really well, it did fade quite a bit, but I didn’t smell disgusting or anything, the lemon scent was still there, it just wasn’t as strong.

The other test was sleeping, my bedroom gets incredibly hot at night, in the heat of the summer it can get up to 25 degrees, and honestly it stood up to that too, that fresh lemon scent was still there, and was still incredibly strong. This has to be one of the best deodorants I’ve had!

Value For Money

Honestly I think it is value for money, it stands up a lot, especially when I workout, I do hiit training and honestly it works the perfectly, it still has the scent even when I workout, it might not be as strong but it is still there. I would definitely recommend it to anyone and everyone I know, because it is one of the strongest deodorant’s I’ve had.


It is definitely a product that I would buy again, it’s a fabulous product, it smells amazing, it stands the test of time against sweating and if you have sensitive skin it is perfect for you. With my sensitive skin it actually really helped it, for example when I shave I didn’t feel that irritation, but not only that it was so easy to put on (you know that thing where you go to put  your deodorant on and the roller won’t move, you don’t have to do that anymore) and it lasts, what more could you want?


Wanting to buying this fabulous product, click here to find out more information and if you click on the deodorant that you like, it will click through to the purchasing.


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