I’m A Dreamer, I’m Not Afraid To Admit It

Dreams are the things that can keep a person going at the best of times, the thoughts that we can achieve everything we ever dream of honestly keeps me smiling even when things get tough! We all want to make the most of our lives, to be remembered for something utterly fabulous and make the most of our time walking this wonderful Earth. People seem to wonder if it is okay to dream and do you know what, I think it something that is an important part of life to dream.

Sometimes people probably think that I’m crazy to dream that I could achieve all of these fabulous things that life has to offer but isn’t it good to have faith in life and in my own ability? Well of course it is!

We are all able to achieve the fabulous things with our life, but the fact that people think that it’s not okay to dream, to be honest that makes me kind of sad. People believe that by dreaming of a better life or things you would want differently makes people believe you’re not grateful for the life you have. If people make you think that, then they’re wrong. I am so grateful for the life that I have, and the people that I have around me, but there is nothing wrong with wanting to achieve the things that I want to in my life.

I dream because I want to have something to aim for in life, being able to dream about where I want to be with my life, if I want something, then I will do whatever it takes to get me there because  I’m a hard worker.

To all the dreamers,

Don’t be afraid of wanting something, to dream of having something different and wanting something more in your life! It doesn’t mean that you don’t appreciate the things you already have, you do, but life is a rollercoaster and if you want something you can go after it!

Make the most of your beautiful and wonderful life, surround yourself with the people that you care about the most and don’t forget the importance of doing what makes you happy!

Don’t stop believing in your dreams because I believe in you!

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  1. 15/02/2017 / 3:49 pm

    I love this post so much, Amie. I’m a dreamer and a realist; something pops into my head and I try to figure out how to do it. I’m lucky that my family brought me up to believe that I could do whatever I wanted and that I just need to figure out how.

  2. 31/03/2017 / 12:19 pm

    Such a lovely post, Amie! ?
    I think dreaming is important, but a lot people will get easily offended by your dreams. Some of them for the reasons you said, others might become upset, because they don’t believe in their own dreams or have none themselves and some might just be too afraid to follow their dreams. (You shouldn’t be! Go chase the Stars and moon, love ❤)

  3. 08/04/2017 / 4:20 am

    This is wonderful! I definitely relate to you on that note, I am a dreamer. I’ve had people in the past who think it’s silly to dream so much, but I think it’s important! It’s a motivator, not something I let be a setback. Surrounding yourself with positive, inspiring people is key! Thanks for this!!
    Jaycee | anthropolojay.com

  4. TheOriginalPhoenix
    21/04/2017 / 3:03 am

    Beautifully written ?

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