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December is literally one of my favourite months, mainly because it is my wedding anniversary (I wrote a post a special post here) & also because of Christmas! It’s the most wonderful time of the year and I absolutely adore it. I’ve been so lucky over this year to have so many fabulous advertisers. So for the last time this year I talk about some of the most fabulous bloggers you will meet.

Justine is someone I have followed since I started my blog, she is ridiculously talented in so many ways and words can’t describe how much I look up to her. She is honestly she is such a good friend too. You can find her full interview here!

You can follow the fabulous Justine here: Twitter | Facebook | BlogLovin | Instagram

Kayleigh’s blog is somewhere I genuinely just escape to when life gets too much. I can sit there and get lost in some amazing fiction. If you are in the mood for some amazing stories where you can just get lost in the characters check out her blog. See her full interview here.

You can follow Kayleigh here: Twitter | Website | BlogLovin

Sally is one of the people who I’ve been close to for so long now, she is one of the people who genuinely makes me smile, her posts are insane and her photo genuinely makes me so damn jealous it’s ridiculous. You can read her full interview here!

Find Sally at | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram

Bex is my angel, she is one of the people who inspires me so much, her beauty videos literally make me smile, she is the person who I can always rely on her videos to make me smile! Her make up skill are absolutely incredible I am always in awe of her talents. You will love her amazing videos captivating!

Find Bex at | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | BlogLovin

Kirsty is one of the people who I met when I first started and honestly she has been one of my closest friends ever since. Her blog has grown so much and she is currently updating her blog with her pregnancy which honestly makes me so happy for her. You will find some of the best book reviews on her blog!

Find Kirsty at | Twitter | Instagram

Sarah has the most wonderful blog, I have been reading it for a while, but I’ve been too shy to actually say anything. I fell in love with her post from the beginning of the year with the most anticipated shows of 2016. I literally adored it and found some seriously amazing new shows from it too! It was a win win situation.

Find Sarah – Louise: Website | Instagram | Twitter | BlogLovin

Don’t forget to check out my other amazing advertisers Rachel from who has a an amazing blog with something for everyone!

Fancy advertising with me? Advertising packages start from £3 and you can find out more here and contact me as soon as possible.

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