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Ah it is one of my favourite parts of the month, it’s a chance for you to get to know another incredible blogger and this time it is Emma from Happy Wise Owl! I have absolutely fallen in love with Emma’s blog, she has so many fabulous posts and not only that her photos are absolutely fantastic! On Emma’s blog you will find a variety of lifestyle, food and drink, travel and posts all about keeping it local, there is something for absolutely everything on her blog, and I’m addicted to her blog! So are you ready to find out more? Let’s go!

What was the reason you started your blog/business?
I’ve been toying with the idea of writing a blog for a couple of years but never really had the time, confidence or courage to actually take the plunge and go for it, however a couple of things happened in September 2015 which made me realise that I CAN do it and I WILL do it I’ve always enjoyed creative writing but over the last few years my pen and notepad have never really been together so I hope this blog will reacquaint them and show an insight into my day to day life and share things that hopefully you will find interesting or inspiring. I also run a virtual admin services company which helps small businesses grow their business.  By allowing me to focus on the admin / social media, it allows them to go out and do the ‘thing’ that earns them the money.  Admin & social media management can take a lot of time and takes you away from doing any business.
What have you learned through your blogging/business journey?
There’s so much to learn in the world of blogging – from taking a good photo to keeping up with writing content to SEO!  I’ve also realised it can be a great community and other bloggers are mostly supportive. I also think ‘non bloggers’ think that blogging is really easy and you get a ton of ‘free stuff’ or sent away on amazing trips – if only they knew!!!
How would you best describe your blog/business?
I don’t have a niche – I’m not a fashion blogger, a travel blogger (I’d LOVE to be a travel blogger!) and def not a beauty blogger.  I’d probably say it’s lifestyle as it covers a little of everything from places we’ve eaten, stayed or just rambling thoughts from my brain.  It’s light hearted, fun and hopefully reflects my personality.
Name something quirky that you can do, that we might not know about you
Gosh, that’s hard one!!  I don’t think I have any hidden talents to be honest!  I did ballet aged 4 to 12 which I really loved although I’m not the most elegant or dainty of people especially when I’m thundering up and down the stairs!! 
What was one of your favourite posts to write or create? 
I think it was the What is Luxury post or my Self Care Sunday post. Both have been really popular posts and it was really insightful to get people thinking about What is Luxury?  It sparked some interesting conversations with my friends and it’s interesting to view other people’s opinions.  
The Self Care Sunday post was just lovely to sit and write and think about all the ways to look after ourselves as we’re always SO BUSY we often forget to stop and take a moment. 
Why should someone come and visit your blog/shop/business?
Why wouldn’t you want to visit?!  haha!!  I would love you to all to visit my blog – it’s got lots of different content on lots of different subjects.  Come and say hello…I’d be eternally grateful!!
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