The Apps I Use To Make Blogging Easier

The Apps I Use To Make Blogging Easier

Blogging is in no way easy, it is so difficult sometimes, and when you are in a massive community which I adore, sharing tips can literally save your life and give you a little more time for other things! These apps have honestly made things like photography, building my following and making it so much easier to blog on the go! When you’re passionate about something you try and make that time, however, with these apps it will make all of the difference. Are you ready to go on a download spree? Let’s go!

Facebook Page Manager

I always keep an eye on my posts on Facebook, I like to see what it is doing, how it is working out, but also what I need to do to improve my reach and list the services that I offer (my advertising mainly) so it makes it much easier for people to contact me!


I cannot live without Spotify, when you’re trying to get some blog posts done or maybe you’re trying to schedule tweets, you need a power playlist to sing along to, to dance along to and will help you to get through all of those tasks that you need to get done.

Photo Director 

I have a lot of photo editing apps on my phone but I do love this app, it has the option to do a collage which can be quite beneficial sometimes, and not only that the editing options are amazing! I love the fact that it has a blender, you can do overlays and everything it is like having a little Photoshop in your pocket!


I got this amazing app recommended to me by practically all of the bloggers I talk to, and I love it! It is so easy to use, it is easy to navigate, and not only that if you’re in a rush it does the job with editing your blog photos perfectly! The brightening tool really helps me especially in the winter months when I struggle to get a decent amount of light during the day!

Followers Insight

With Instagram I am constantly working hard at it, to grow my following and it is probably one of the most difficult ones to grow, so I like to see the people who follow and unfollow me! I was close to 2100 and then about 15 people unfollowed me in about 20 minutes. I actually sent a message in the form of a blog post to the people who play the follow/unfollow game (you can find it here) because it really annoys me!


I use this religiously, I use it mainly to keep the theme/tone of my photos on my Instagram because I don’t necessarily have a certain theme, I go by the tone rather than the content but that is just what works for me personally! It is so good for the last minute tweaks that you might need to do before posting. It is the must have app for me personally!

Photo Editor Pro

I have used this app for absolute years, it is such an amazing app! I mainly use it for the redeye because if the flash goes off and my camera doesn’t pick it up, I can just tweak it which is absolutely perfect for me in all honesty!


Everyone needs to be on Twitter, it is honestly the must have, there is such an amazing community for bloggers! I feel so supported and I have met some of the greatest friends through the Twitter community. Forever grateful for that!


I love the WordPress app personally because it allows me to do so much for my blog just from my phone, especially if I’m on the move, it might not be as quickly to write a blog post on my phone as it is when I type but I can get my stuff done just from that and that keeps me going.

What are your top apps that make your life much easier? Leave your response in the comments!

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  1. 20/11/2016 / 9:28 pm

    I have the Facebook Page Manager app, but I don’t use it much. I definitely need to explore it more. Another app that I have, but don’t really use is the WordPress app. I don’t think I’d write posts on it, but I can see it being beneficial for replying to comments on the go. Thanks for reminding me about these two! Xx

    Tania | My Top 5 Blogging Apps

  2. 22/11/2016 / 9:55 pm

    Buffer and wordpress are by far my favourite apps! So useful when on train journey’s etc.


  3. 23/11/2016 / 4:10 pm

    I really need to try Afterlight as I’ve heard so many bloggers talk about it!! My must-have app is Hootsuite, for scheduling on the go!

  4. 12/01/2017 / 12:05 pm

    These are really good suggestions! I used to use afterlight quite a lot and really enjoyed the different effects 🙂 I’ll have to save these tips to refer back to because there is many here that I have not tried which I think sound very useful so thank you for sharing this 😀


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