Elete Food Supplement Review*

Elete Food Supplement Review*

Now as most people will know I’m a health nut, I absolutely adore anything to do with health and fitness and I’ve always been interested in trying and when I got the chance then of course I’m going to jump at the opportunity! So are you ready to find out more about a product that could change your lifestyle forever? Well of course you are, so let’s get cracking!

I thought I would start off with a bit of info about the product because you will obviously want to know what you need to do with the product when you do get it. In this product there are no flavours or sugars or anything artificial, because let’s be honest you don’t want those in your body now do you? It is said that this product is to help maintain hydration, prevent muscle cramps, sustain energy and endurance but also improve your mental focus. So are you ready to see if these claims are true?



There is honestly no taste whatsoever and you would never know it was actually there which is some ways is probably fantastic! I literally just added it to my water that I would normally drink and voila you’re ready to chug away at your water.

Easy to use?

It is honestly ridiculously easy to use, all you really need is 1 cap for a litre, now you might be thinking, really is that enough? Honest answer yes. You get so much from this product it is actually really surprising! The direction on the back are really easy to use too – that always helps I’m not going to lie.

Does it work?

I honestly did feel the effects of the supplement, I felt like I could concentrate more on my work, I was much more productive with the supplement in my life it was quite astonishing! Not only that after a workout once I’ve stretched and everything regardless of how much I do stretch I tend to get muscle spasms, and I have to admit, drinking this throughout the day really helped because they were a lot less frequent which made me feel much more comfortable.

Overall thoughts

I really enjoyed trying this product, I mean it was a fantastic experience but also the amount of benefits you got from it really helped me and when you get the benefits of a product it makes you enjoy it more and use it more! I would definitely recommend this product to everyone as it is something a lot of people should really try at some point!

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Love Amie 2016

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