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say sally may

It’s that time of the month again, it’s time to introduce you with yet another fantastic blogger! It’s the lady that is Say Sally May. Now you’ve probably see the fabulous Sally around, whether it is her amazing posts about travel, her flawless fashion posts or it is her supportive nature, you will know who Sally is. This is your chance to get to know her story behind her blog, so grab a cuppa and let’s go!

1. What was the reason you started your blog?

Gosh, I mean I started “blogging” when I was in my teens (so some 15 years ago). They were TERRIBLE in structure and quality, but actually writing and feeling like I was talking to people who might want to read about things that I was interested in too made me feel really…good (for want of a better adjective)! The older I got with more awareness of quality from inspirations landed me finally being happy in my delivery of my “blogginess” today, and now I still get that feeling of fulfillment and wholeness from being part of such a massively developed community now, which actually opens way more doors for people like us than it used to, generating all kinds of memories and experiences. It’s a great escape hobby! Especially from my day job which is pretty manic.

2. What have you learned through your blogging journey?

That making mistakes and starting again is fine. Like I say, I must have gone through starting and stopping a blog around about 20-30 times over the many, many years, each with a different theme, niche, EVEN personality , but from all of that (probably embarrassing) refinement I’ve managed to reduce everything I experimented with down to what you get with, which is the most naturally produced documentation of me that I could have ever hoped to generate.

3. How would you best describe your blog?

A digital scrapbook, for sure. I found that trying to focus on one niche was just too restricting for me as a “blogger”, and instead I just need to write about ANYTHING I want to throw out there, from anything I’ve done, eaten, put on my face, got on a plane for – It’s just a box to put really cool memories in, and share with interested (and interestING) people.

4. Name something quirky that you can do, that we might not know about you.

Ah bugger it, I may as well be open about it – I have a weird, mild genetic muscle condition thing which makes me out to be a human jellyfish. It’s pretty cool in some ways, because I can do tricks with my stretchy skin and bend around all places, but at the same time it comes with some pitfalls – like my ability to accidentally dislocate easier than most people, and also seeing as I’m pretty much made of rubber on bone, my muscles aren’t as strong as “normal people’s”, but you know what? It’s fiiine. I’m blessed to be able to function as normally as I can – I can walk, move around, jabber away like no tomorrow. I don’t know any different so I’ve not lost anything. Just carry me up the stairs if you ever see me flagging behind 😛

5. What was one of your favourite posts to write or create? What about it did you enjoy the most?

Ooooo….toughie…I’m going to cheat a little bit here and say that it’s a blog SECTION which I’ve just started ( I recently traveled central Japan for about a month. It was the most incredible journey, and It truly opened up even more amazing people interacting with me, during it. I’m now reliving it through posts in my new ‘Japan section’, documenting tips and breaking down each location for others who might be considering doing the same (like my latest installment is my overview of the best way to use Japanese public transport, for example).

6. Why should someone come and visit your blogs?

Wellll, if you’ve ever in the market for a poofy haired, neck to toe tattooed lady to take an interest in for her interests, delivered in natural jibber-jabber then look no further! 2017 holds even more for hides quite an exciting element at the start of the year actually, in that I’ll be fully documenting my progress through double jar surgery, which is required for me to be able to shut my jaws together properly (currently they don’t sit correctly, so both jaws need breaking, re-positioning and welding back together in the right order).. I’m already doing the foundation work in the Jaw Surgery section of my site as it is now, however 2017 is the ACTUAL operation. I want to take everyone through the surgery and recovery from day one of hospital admission. It’s not gunna be pretty, but I can’t wait to share the ride and results with you all!

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