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It’s been a busy old month, but it’s one of my favourite times of the month where we get the chance to meet some amazing new people who have some beautiful and fantastic blogs. I can’t believe that we are already half way through the year, I mean it is crazy how quickly the year has gone, before we know it, we will be preparing for the dreaded C words that we don’t say until we get to the 1st December. This month has been a fabulous month for advertisers packed with inspiring, honest and genuine people with fabulous blogs and businesses! Ready to get to know them a bit more? Let’s go!


Kirsty has advertised with me before, she is an absolutely amazing lady who honestly gets her thoughts and personality across in all of her blog posts! Kirsty’s blog is filled with a variety of different posts that will capture you and inspire you for a long time, for example she has absolutely fantastic taste in books and music and there are book reviews and monthly playlists that you can enjoy! With the music playlists there are a variety of different music tastes so don’t think that there won’t be anything that you would be interested in!

Find Kirsty at | Twitter | Instagram

say sally may

Sally is one of the most wonderful people ever! I love her posts, it is just so effortless, the way that she talks and gets her thoughts across, her personality just shines through. I think it is absolutely incredible the way that she talks about things but not only that she captivates you with her writing style. She has a wide variety of posts on her blog which is perfect, topics from food to beauty there is something for absolutely everyone!

Find Sally at | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram

ginger rainbow

Ginger Rainbow is a business that advertised with me last month and honestly it has been beautiful to see them go from strength to strength. If you missed them last month, that is okay because you have an opportunity to get to know them now! They are a fantastic little company run by the amazing Amy and do a variety of different work for example bump painting, events and colouring pages. They now have a brand new addition to the Ginger Rainbow family with the start of their blog which is there to inspire people!

Find Ginger Rainbow at | Blog | Twitter | Facebook


Alice is one of my fabulous blogger friends, I’m so lucky to have her in my life! She has advertised with me before and is an absolute angel! She is a little ball of absolute fun and her amazing personality literally just shines when she writes! Alice posts some of the most amazing beauty posts but also her lifestyle posts are definitely worth an amazing read! Her personality shines, and her design services are out of this world, she is an incredibly talented lady!

Find Alice at | Twitter | Instagram | Bloglovin |


Bex is an absolute babe, she is one of my closest friends and someone I could most definitely trust with my life, and her blog posts are some of the most incredibly well written posts I see. She has an incredible ability to keep you captured and wanting to read more when you start reading her blog posts and not only that she is an incredible vlogger! I love her make up video tutorials, because honestly they are perfect and really easy to follow.

Find Bex at | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | BlogLovin

My other amazing advertiser is the wonderful Andrea from Beauty With Andrea.

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Love Amie 2016

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