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It’s exactly a month until Christmas Day, where has the year gone, before we know it will be talking about New Years resolutions and looking back on 2016, it’s absolutely madness! It has been a busy month for me and I am absolutely so grateful for all of the good things that have happened in my life, but also finding compassion for the people in America who are struggling to deal with the Donald Trump election result. So to cheer you up are you ready to get to know some amazing bloggers? Grab a cuppa and let’s go!


I absolutely adore Lottie, her blog is literally my favourite place to be, I am always made to feel so relaxed when I am there because in all honesty her writing style is so laid back, Lottie makes you feel right at home. On Lottie’s blog you will find a variety of posts from lifestyle to beauty, fashion and vintage, there is something for everyone on there!

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Bex is one of my absolute babes, she has one of the greatest make up guru’s I know! She has some incredible talents when it comes to make up, I really want her to do my make up one day because let’s be honest she is an absolute guru! Her videos make me feel so comfortable and relaxed it is like you’re having a cup of tea with her! Not only that on Bex’s channel she does homeware hauls, and talks about weight loss!

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Kirsty is one of my favourite people, she is such a kind and caring person and has been so supportive since I started blogging! I have always been so grateful to have her in my life, but not only that Kirsty’s blog makes me smile so much! On Kirsty’s blog you will find a variety of topics that are close to her heart, for example music playlists, her playlists are absolute perfection and there are a variety of different tastes on there too!

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