My April Advertisers

my april advertisers

It’s a new month and a new lot of fantastic advertisers to introduce you to! April has been an amazing month for my gorgeous advertisers, and I have found that this month I have been lucky enough to have an amazing bunch. I’ve already introduced a few of them to you, well here is a few more for you because they’re that amazing and will give you some fabulous reads! So are you ready to meet some fabulous people? Well then be ready to be amazed!

Dainty Alice

Alice is the mastermind behind Dainty Alice! Alice is a repeat advertiser for me and it’s been an absolute pleasure to have her for the past two months! There was just so many posts that just spoke to me, but not only that her writing literally got me hooked from the first moment! Alice is a skincare product addict, a shopaholic and a make up guru, but not only that, Alice talks about a lot of current trends and does a lot of lifestyle posts too, so don’t ever panic because there are lots of different posts to suit every readers wants and needs! She is an absolutely amazing person, and you will definitely love her blog just like I do!

Find Alice at | Twitter | Instagram | Bloglovin |

rianne mitchel

Rianne is the incredible lady behind Rianne Mitchell! Rianne’s amazing blog was a brand new read for me and I am honestly so glad that I found her! She is an absolutely wonderful lady who has some an amazing blog with fabulous content. Not only she has a variety of different posts for everyone, whether you’re looking for fabulous things to do in spring or maybe you’re looking for some wonderful travel posts, theRn this is the blog for you! Rianne has a wonderful way of writing too which makes you feel so at home with everything that is going on, but not only that you feel like you’re on a personal level with Rianne!

Find Rianne at | Twitter | Instagram | Bloglovin |

My 2 other fantastic advertisers are the wonderful Andrea from Beauty With Andrea and the amazing Priya who is a Topic Skincare Ambassador.

Fancy advertising with me? Advertising packages start from £3 and you can find out more here and contact me as soon as possible. 

Love Amie 2016

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