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Mica is someone I have known for so long now, she is one of my closest blogging friends and my friendly advisories! She has one of the most amazing and honest blogs in the world and the way she writes is just impeccable. I look up to her so much, she has done so much and especially for animal rights and the way that she works so hard to campaign for animal rights, she is just a legend! Are you ready to get to know one of my favourite people? Well here goes!

What was the reason you started your blog/business?

I started my blog at the same time I started my cruelty-free journey. From having my eyes opened to animal testing for cosmetics I searched online for resources that may help me on my way. Happily I found some people, accounts and blogs that were extremely useful. I decided I wanted to help the cruelty free cause and anyone else who might want to make the changed and indeed learn the truth about animal tested products. My blog has also turned into not just a cruelty-free and vegan blog, but also some animal rights. Through my blog I try to promote cruelty-free as much as possible, across all issues.
What have I learned through your blogging journey?
From seeing so many amazing blogs I can see what works, some people have such a strict blog regime and they post almost daily. This for a lot of people is unachievable, especially if like me you have a full time job too as well as doing other activities. The best thing is not to be too hard on yourself, its much better to have quality posts once a week or so than rushed ones everyday ones.
How would you best describe your blog?
Cruelty-Free, Vegan and animal rights blog. Through my blog I share animal rights issues that are very important to me and try to promote a cruelty-free lifestyle as much as possible in all ways. Be it cosmetics, household and being more eco friendly for the planet.
What was one of my favourite posts to write/create?
I really enjoy writing about brands I really love, the smaller independent ones I have o much love for. Their products are so great, reasonable and have all the right credentials so it really is a pleasure writing about them. An example, Humblestuff household products (Bazinga also got in on the pictures for these so that was great!) or Living Naturally – their Soapnuts have completly changed my life!
I also really enjoy writing and campaigning for the release of the Orca’s from SeaWorld’s clutches. Interviewing expert’s and ex-trainers has been a huge education and I am extremely honoured to have been able to do these.
Why should someone come visit your blog?
If you’re looking to go cruelty-free, in any aspect of your life I feel my blog has some good starting points to read. When I first went cruelty-free I went looking for the smaller companies and I have definitely found they have a lot more ethics and passions about their products than some more well known brands. I only blog about things that I 100% believe in/agree with so every post is truthful. For me, cruelty-free doesn’t just mean products etc, I think everyone can be a bit more conscience in their every day life in other ways – not just cruelty-free products. Hopefully my blog promotes that too, be it animal issues or better things for the planet.
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