Birthday Celebrations

Happy Birthday To Me

As most people will know, on the 25th was my 22nd birthday (god I feel so old right now) and I had an amazing weekend before my birthday seeing my beautiful grandparents, spending time with my in laws on the Sunday, and then going away to Brighton for the night with my husband Paul, my mum and my wonderful Stepdad, so I’m going to slowly start with the weekend.

The Invasion At Nan & Grandad Haywards

Every year like clockwork I invade the grandparents by going and spending some time with them, honestly I wish I saw them more, but because of where they live, unfortunately it isn’t physically possible. My Nan and Grandad are literally my heroes, I adore them so much, and collectively they have been through so much too, with my Grandad having a brain tumour, then a triple heart bypass and my Nan having had a perforated womb and still stayed married for over 60 years, honestly they deserve a big round of applause for that.


This is Grandad Hayward, he does smile and he has a wonderful smile, he was doing his best and pose face which always makes me chuckle when I see it, but he has been one of the greatest men you will meet, he gives the best cuddles and he also makes the best tea!


This is Nan Hayward, she has a heart of pure gold, there is nothing that is too much for her, I remember when I was kid, we went to Deal, we had food on the beach and then she took me into the arcades, she had a handbag filled with toys, and it got to about 4pm and she knew we needed to get home, but she gave me money for some sweets because she knew I wanted to stay!

Sunday With The In Laws

The highlight of my Sunday’s are going round to my in laws house, they are so laid back, and not only that we have such a laugh, I enjoy every moment of it, usually my father in law (Les) comes out with some jokes, or dances around the kitchen, or is being beaten up by the cats (not literally they just like to pester him because they know that if they sit by their bowls long enough he will feed them. Yoda & JaJa Binks know exactly what they’re doing, but we all still love them anyway.


My mum had planned for us to go away for the night, somewhere we could all enjoy and just relax, I think if Paul had been any more relaxed than he was when we got to Brighton he would be horizontal and fast asleep. It was so lovely to see him finally relax and just have some time with him, I know we do spend a lot of time together already, but sometimes it can get like a routine, and being away in a different setting just makes you appreciate the time you have together!


Donatello is literally one of my favourite places in the world to eat, they do so much incredible food, I’ve been to Italy twice and honestly the food at this incredible restaurant is on par with it, it always has been. I hadn’t been since I went vegan, but do you know the best bit? They actually have a vegan menu!


I literally did a dance when I saw this, because there was so much to choose from, I know it might not look much but honestly I was in vegan heaven! I decided I’d have the pizza because I wanted to see their take on what a vegan pizza is, I make mine, but I like to get other inspiration from other places.


When this thing of beauty came out, I could’t wait to dig in, it tasted so good, I’m actually allergic to aubergine so I asked them really nicely if they could take it off and they did and it wasn’t a problem! The crust was so lovely and moist, and the crispy edges gave you this amazing crunch, and with all of the fruit and veg on the top it tasted perfect. I know I will definitely be putting olives on the top of my pizza’s from now on!

Back At The Hotel

tumblr_ntqjd5JFey1ts7vmko5_1280 tumblr_ntqjd5JFey1ts7vmko6_1280

While we were waiting for my Mum to get changed we decided that we would try and get some lovely pictures while we were here, and these are them, I love these pictures so much!

Brighton Wheel

Brighton have like their own kind of like London Eye, and honestly it is so beautiful to be able to look over the entire of Brighton with a birds eye view! Before me and the fabulous hubby went on though we had our picture taken, I’d like to point out I look like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards because it has literally been pouring with rain, like a monsoon, so we got soaked, wet and windswept. Even though this happened, I still love the picture because we genuinely look very happy, and we are, and that is one of the greatest feelings in the world.


It was so nice to actually have our photo taken before we went on, and when we got in the pod, the photos were beautiful and overlooking Brighton at night was perfect, you might think you can’t see much but you really could, even the old pier that was burnt down the West Pier, it looked incredible.


This photo was taken just after we came off the wheel hence why we look ridiculously windswept!

Arcades Time

Me and my father in law have a love for 2p machines, whenever we go out, we come home with lots of winning figures and key rings for my 2nd brother in law the wonderful Michael, but this time Paul & I didn’t actually come home with any (but we will make up for it when we go down to the 2p machines next time) but we did have a go on some other fabulous things.


After this photo was taken me and Paul were actually panting because we were that exhausted. This air hockey is like Pac-man you don’t get just get 1 puck, you get that to start off with then lots of multicoloured ones fall and you have to try and defend your goal and hit the pucks at the same time! It is such good fun and definitely gives you a workout!


This was such a proud moment, when we played this, I am absolutely terrible with shooting games, I can play Borderlands games and Skyrim but apart from that I’m out, and when I survived longer than Paul I was over the moon, I actually won at something that you had to shoot at. We are fiercely competitive with each other if you hadn’t realised!

I Saved Him


I definitely think that Paul’s face says it all here doesn’t it?

Overall I had an incredible birthday thanks to my Mum, Step-dad, In Laws & Husband, now for my sister in law’s birthday, the husbands, niece!

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  1. 27/08/2015 / 3:05 pm

    Your grandparents look so sweet! I’m happy to hear you had a lovely birthday darling <3

    • facebook-profile-picture
      28/08/2015 / 12:39 pm

      Anne my darling! Thank you so much sweetheart, I had an amazing birthday, and seeing m grandparents always makes me smile! I miss you so much sweetheart, it has been way too long <3

  2. 27/08/2015 / 5:06 pm

    Happy Birthday! It sounds and looks like you had a great time. It must be lovely to be surrounded by such a lovely family.

    • facebook-profile-picture
      28/08/2015 / 12:41 pm

      Thank you so much Chrissie, it means a lot! I had an amazing time, I think the thing I loved the most was getting my first wife card, I know that sounds so soppy but it made me smile soooo much! <3

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