Olive Leaf Tea Review


As most people will know, I am a bit addicted to tea, I think if I could I would become a tea connoisseur because I love tea that much so I am always looking for other fabulous teas that are available to me to try, and when I found this one at the Just V Show it was absolutely delicious!

The Product



These are what the loose tea leaves look like from inside my tea pot (it has a tea infuser of it’s own)



For me it tastes a little like green tea, just without that delightful bitter aftertaste. It is so easy to drink, it’s really refreshing and what I love the most is it tastes good hot or cold. I had a cold cup the other day because I completely forgot where I was rushing around, it was really hot too, I sat down, had a cup of olive leaf tea and it was fabulous!

Value for money

If you’re going to be having it on a regular basis, then you can use the tea leaves twice, I have done in my big tea pot infuser and the taste is still just a strong and delicious. I would definitely say that it is worth the money you pay even though at first it seems quite expensive.

Overall thoughts

I think it is a fabulous tea, it works well at any time of the day, if you like green tea, then I’m sure you will probably like this too, if you don’t like green tea because of the bitter taste then this is another fabulous option for you!


to buy this fabulous product, click HERE

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