Superdrug Supplements #2*

Having A Healthy Lifestyle

My heath is something that is incredibly important to me, especially because I am so careful with what I eat and make sure that I have a balanced diet, so I do take some supplements and as in the previous post here it definitely shows that there are a variety of different supplements on the market, but it is about finding what works for you and what you prefer.

First Supplement

Perfectil Original

Background- this supplement helps to deliver the nutrients that we need into the bloodstream, and this supplement includes a lot of micro nutrients which help to maintain healthy skin, nails and hair.


Is it easy to take?

It is super easy to take, the tablet actually looks quite big at first, however, when I took it it was pretty straight forward, it wasn’t dissolving in my mouth but it was also there wasn’t a horrible aftertaste which is perfect for me because I hate that sometimes you have an aftertaste which can put you off taking the supplements.

Side effects?

Personally I haven’t had any side effects, it was a very successful trial for me and I am definitely over the moon with the way that it worked for me.

Do they work?

I have definitely noticed a difference in my hair and my nails, my nails are a lot stronger, my hair has lots of life and is much healthier overall. I am absolutely sold on this incredible product, they are definitely worth the purchase, but they take a while to get working so I suggest taking it slowly!

Supplement 2

Haliborange MR. MEN LITTLE MISS Multivitamins

Background – These fabulous vitamins are really good for children, they taste fabulous, and the best bit about them, they help to support a lot of different aspects of your child’s health, for example the Vitamin A helps to support healthy eyes, Vitamin B5 helps to support mental performance and more!


Is it easy to take?

Yes yes yes yes yes, the fact that they have a fruity taste makes you enjoy taking it more, and trust me, it is definitely worth it. If you are looking for something good for your children, then this is perfect, the reason I say this is because they can chew on them!

Side effects?

I personally didn’t have any side effects whatsoever, they were delicious, I definitely felt the difference, I had a stronger mental performance and I had a lot more energy during the day which helps because I do live a hectic lifestyle!

Do they work?

Yes they definitely work I think they are fabulous for children, and parents can then make sure that their children are having enough of the vitamins that they need if you’re worried!

To purchase these products, head on over to Superdrug and type it into the search button, and you will be able to find these fabulous products!

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