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We all know most people’s favourite time of the year is coming up, Summer. It’s in the air already, and everyone is beyond excited waiting to fly away to warmer places, relax by the pool, spend time with loved ones, so I have been looking at fabulous vegan beach bags ready for your holidays!


This bag has  to be one of my favourite finds which I shall be investing in. It’s a cotton canvas beach bag/gym bag/book tote bag, all fabrics have been grown and woven organically, and the dyes that are used are low impact to reduce damage to the environment. Want to know the best bit? They’re all hand made and made to order, so you know that it is something that has been specifically made for you!


Now this is a little different to bags that I would usually go for, however, not only is the colour absolutely beautiful, but I also love the fact that it is a very quirky design, with the zip being on the outside rather than across the top. If you’re worried that your bag might not be as safe, you can just turn it around and have the zip pointing towards your body!


70s vibes are everywhere right now, there is no escaping from it, and this bag is the perfect 70s bag. The blue flowers are the perfect accompaniment to your favourite beachwear, or even if you were going shopping. Team it with flare jeans and a simple cami top and you’re ready to hit the 70s trend.


Nothing says more about a day at the beach than a stripy beach bag. This one is brilliant because when you can go to the beach you take everything from towels, to sun tan lotion, to snacks, to swimwear, to swimwear and then you’re able to carry a lot in this handbag.


The last of my beach bags edit goes to this fabulous bag. Honestly I think I have fallen in love with it. It is super stylish and I seriously want to invest in it. What I love about this bag is the fact that it can go with any outfit that you might wear, and the pink colour makes it stand out from the crowd.


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