Shift Dress

Shift dresses are fabulous, everyone loves a good shift dress, and right now they’re all over the catwalk, but not only that they are so flattering. So here are all of my most favourite dresses


I cannot stress how much I love this dress, the floral prints are incredible, and the detail at the top of the dress is so intricate and beautiful that it would be perfect to wear to a summer wedding. If you’re worried that it is a little short, don’t panic, you can put a long white waistcoat on over the top to use as a cover up and to add a little edginess.


Pink is a fabulous colour to wear to a wedding, but also what I love about this dress is the fact that it has a little cover up for your arms, they can really help you, and this is incredibly flattering. Pair these with some nude heels and a really nice clutch, you’re ready to celebrate.


This dress is so beautiful, I have fallen in love with it, the longer sleeves are incredibly flattering, & with the weather not being able to decide what it wants to do, this is practically perfect. Floral patterns are everywhere right now, you can’t escape them, but this one is beautiful & with the colour blue it is flattering on every one.


Purple is one of favourite colours ever, it doesn’t matter what shade it is, as long as it is purple, and what I love the most about this dress is the different colours stand out, but aren’t so bold that there is too much going on on your dress.


This dress is beautiful, and the lace detail is perfect, and what I also love the most is the fact that you can still show your arms, but make sure that you’re comfortable too.


This dress is beautiful, what I love the most about it, is the fact that it is so summery, and the colours are perfect, for any time, whether it is going out to dinner, or if you are going to the beach, this dress will be perfect.

Summer is officially on the way!


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