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So as everyone knows, I’ve been reviewing for Superdrug, so today, I am reviewing the Scholl Luxury Pedicure Set. I have really horrid feet, if I’m completely honest, I get quite a lot of hard skin on the heels of my feet as I do a lot of walking and a lot of workouts so my feet are always on the move, so when I received this box I was in shock that I would have the pleasure of reviewing it!


Now the green caviar that I got with it, I haven’t used because it’s not vegan, but I was sent a moisturiser that is vegan so I have been using instead.

How does it feel?

At first it can be a really strange sensation, when I first used it, it literally felt like someone was tickling my feet, but after a while once you’ve got used to it, it feels good.

How well does it work? 

It honestly works superbly well, the best time for you to use it is after you’ve had a bath or a shower, or if you have a food bath, that way the skin is already moist, and it will give you a more smooth finish. I would suggest at first doing a little exfoliation, because it really helped my feet and that way you can finally get your feet to relax.

The best part about the pedi

What I love the most about it, is the fact that it is really good, it works hard to take all the dry skin off, it makes your feet feel softer and the other really good bit about it, is the fact that it can make your feel feel so relaxed especially if you have tired feet and you’ve been on them all day.

Downfalls of the pedicure set

If you’re using the exfoliator, sometimes the dust can get stuck on there rather than coming off, it’s not too much of a problem, but all you would need to do is to turn it off and sort it out that way.

Either way it is still one of the most fabulous products I’ve trialed and I will definitely be using it! I am a very loyal customer.

Rating? ?????

To buy the set you can get it from Superdrug right here


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