6 Ways I’m Making The Most Of This Week

  Now it’s pretty safe to say that last week wasn’t a great week for me, in fact that would be putting it mildly. So much so I was kind of intermittent with my social media posts, and generally just staying up to date with everything. I am kind of fully back on social media now, I’ve definitely missed it, mainly because I have so many people that I love on social media and I just want to talk to everyone! Anyway I’m determined to make this week better – so here are 6 ways I’m making the most of…

A Taste Of Summer With Cracker Drinks*

Aahh the weather this week has been so up and down, one minute the sun is out, the next minute it is freezing cold, I mean what is going on? Anyway, now is the time for the warmer months to arrive and I’m fully ready for cocktails, drinks with ice in with a light breeze! Cracker Drinks are a new brand to me, but when the drinks arrived they would be perfect for summer and to enjoy mixing with a little bit of alcohol, so are you ready to find more about the drinks you need this summer? Let’s go! 

Being A Perfectionist Is Killing My Creativity

I’m a perfectionist I admit it. Everything has to be just right, I put myself under pressure and honestly I feel like it is killing every creative part of me in my body. Being creative is something I really enjoy, it gives me one of the best outlets for my thoughts and feelings, it just gives me so much and right now I feel like the fact that I’m being such a bloody perfectionist I feel just deflated. Over the weekend I think it finally hit me how much of a perfectionist I really am.

Easy and Gooey Salted Caramel Blondies*

We all know I love my food, whether it is blondies, brownies, pizza, cake, fruit, I’m there for all the food in the world. Caramel is something I absolutely adore, I am a sucker for it all the time, caramel lattes, you name it, it’s my favourite! So in collaboration with Good Hemp I’ve come up with a super easy blondies that are tasty full of flavour and really easy to make! I’m all for easy recipes and when they taste this good, you can’t go wrong can you? So are you ready for a super delicious recipe? Lets go!

I Don’t Have My Life Together – That’s Okay

When you’re growing up, you always picture how your life will be, you’ll be in a job that you love, driving around in a car, maybe you’re married, living your best life. Then when you actually grow up, you realise how bloody hard being an adult is, I mean seriously. Who thought being an adult would be a load of fun? You find that life admin gets on top of you, bills coming out your ears and wanting pizza every night, I mean this whole adulting malarkey is a pain in the arse. I don’t have my life together &…

Affordable Beauty For All From Make Up Revolution

Make Up Revolution have been one of the most talked about brands lately, with their new releases it’s a brand that has been on everyone’s lips. To be 100% honest, I’m all about affordable make up, I mean don’t get me wrong I like some high end make up, but let’s be real here, I can’t afford to buy high end make up all the time. I want to have stuff that is good value for money, that works with me, that is cruelty free and vegan and looks amazing. So are they 100% worth it?

5 Things I’ve Learned In The First 5 Months Of The Year

How are we almost in the middle of May. What the hell is going on? I’m pretty sure I just blinked and it was May. It’s been such a busy month, if you’re reading this and it is like July I’m sorry. I feel like I’ve learned so much over the last few months, I’ve had a few wake up calls, I feel like I’ve kind of grown as a person. Corny I know, but it is true on so many levels. Life is literally filled with ups and downs, and you learn as you go! So what have I…