Hi, hello, bonjour

I'm a 20-something blogger and content creator, with a lover of cats, my rabbit BB-8, naps & Netflix.

Regularly found eating chocolate, spending time with my husband and drinking copious amounts of coffee.

On this blog you will find me talking about:

▪️ cruelty free beauty products
▪️ vegan food
▪️ wellness advice
▪️ finding positivity daily
▪️ my thoughts and advice
▪️ and more!

Fancy working with me? Email me amiecadwallader@outlook.com

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What you should read on my blog

There are lots of posts on my blog including:

Beauty to meet all your vegan and cruelty free needs
Lifestyle to focus on happiness, positivity & living your best life
Mental health that includes important tips and tricks.

You can also keep up with me on Instagram or Twitter for my day to day life.