Why Mental Health Awareness Week Is So Important

So tomorrow is the start of mental health awareness week, for me it is such an important week because even though mental health is being talked about a lot more there is still so much more to do. What I mean by that is the fact that there is still a hell of a lot of stigma the different mental health conditions, which is the worst thing because they don’t seem to understand how much it impacts on people.

At least 1 in 4 people are affected with some for of mental health disorder, and there are so many, yet people choose to suffer in silence. I know from previous experience that I thought being diagnosed with a mental health condition would ruin everything. It’s was literally like being diagnosed with a mental health condition would be the worst thing in the world.  I think my thoughts behind that were because people would stigmatise against people who struggle with it.

It’s been a long old journey to getting off medication, I mean I’m still on a long journey, I’m not out of the woods as they say yet. I’m completely off medication right now, and learning everyday how to deal with things like panic attacks when they come, the moments where I literally don’t want to get out of bed because I’m having the worst day in the world, and just the daily struggles of someone with mental health.

Just because struggle with mental health doesn’t mean that we are any less of a person, and that is what hurts. When I was at my worst I wouldn’t even move from my bed, I wasn’t sleeping properly, I wasn’t eating, even when the TV was on I wasn’t properly watching it, it was just noise in the background, noise that wasn’t drowning out the voices that were in my head.

What hurts me the most is the fact that people seem to think that if someone has a mental illness it is easy to cure, there isn’t really much of a cure, it’s more of a treatment, but people turn around and say to you, you have nothing to be sad about, you just need to calm down. That’s not the way it works, you can have everything in the world, but that doesn’t always mean you’re happy. Mental health can affect anyone or anything

People seem to think that it is so simple to have a mental health condition and it isn’t. I have gone through phases where I feel so alone, like there is no one in the world who will feel the same as me, but in reality, there are lots of people going through it they just don’t talk about it.

The one thing that I want from mental health awareness week is that people understand that it is okay to talk about mental health, it is okay to struggle and you’re not alone.

These conditions make you feel alone, but I promise you’re not.

These conditions will make you feel like no one understands your situation, but they do.

These conditions will make you have good days and bad days, but I promise you it will be okay.

Don’t feel alone.

For more information on mental health awareness week, check out Mental Health. Org and Mind.

You are never alone.

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