Energise Your Breakfast With Flaxseeds*

As most people will know, I’m a massive healthy living fan, so when it comes to breakfast, smoothies are my absolute favourite things in the world! They’re filling, give me energy and with some of my added superfoods, I feel absolutely fabulous! I’ve loved flaxseeds for years, I used to have the cocoa and flaxseed mix from Linwoods and they are so easy to add in and full of flavour and vitamins? So why do I add them? Honestly I absolutely adore the fact that there are added vitamins and minerals in my food, can’t beat some added vitamins. But what did I think of the flaxseeds?



I personally could tell that much when the flaxseeds were in my smoothie, the one that I had was orange, mango and passionfruit (literally one of my absolutely favourite combinations in the world) and once blended into my smoothie, it just added a subtle nutty flavour.

Easy to use?

All you need to do when you want to add in this milled flaxseed is spoon a spoonful in and voila! They’re so easy to use and perfect to add into your smoothies. Not only that they’re really versatile, for example you can add these to your cereals, salads, basically anything that you want just to give it something different!

Value for money?

This 425g bag is normally £6.29 but currently it’s half price and you can get it for £3.14 at Holland and Barrett. I personally think these are really good value for money mainly because you will only need about a spoonful each time, so this bag will last you ages! I buy them about every 4 months and I use them with everything physically possible!

Overall thoughts?

I absolutely love Linwoods as a company, their products are always amazing quality and value for money, they’re definitely a company that I will continue to buy from, as I have done since I first went vegan for added vitamins throughout my meals! Definitely worth the money if you’re looking for added superfoods!

You can buy yours from the Holland and Barrett website here and don’t forget to #superchargeit!

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*Disclaimer – this post contains PR samples.

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  1. 30/03/2017 / 10:48 am

    I recently started adding flaxseed to my breakfast and loved it. Now I’ve run out I can’t wait to get more! I got mine from Aldi with my regular groceries and they were much cheaper than I expected which is a bonus!

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