Chatty Feet – The Cutest Socks Ever!*

I have a slight obsession with socks, I honestly can’t get enough, I genuinely have boxes filled with them and I’m not just on about plain black or white socks I mean cute animals on them, minions, you name it I’ve got them on socks. Socks are everything and when Chatty Feet contacted me I literally jumped at the chance because I love the socks more than anything! Chatty Feet are a new brand to me and honestly I have fallen in love with their brand in so many ways. So are you ready to find out more? Of course you are! Let’s go!

So I got sent Prof Brian Sox & Meggy and honestly I’d wear them all of the time if I could, I wear them a lot already and you cannot beat funky socks. The other added bonus of these socks is they make the day a little brighter, I know when I put the Prof Brian Sox on they are bright and make me smile so much!

The added bonus of these socks is they do them in kids sizes, so if you were thinking that you wanted to wear matching socks with your kids then this is the perfect company for you!

These socks are ridiculously comfortable, they’re soft on your feet, they have the perfect design and not only that they’re such fun to wear! The prices are brilliant too, for an adult pair they’re £7.50 and for a kids pair it is £5, that might seem quite expensive but the quality is absolutely incredible!

Fancy buying your own pair of amazing socks? Well of course you do so head on over to to purchase your own pair!

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*Disclaimer – I received this socks in exchange for an honest review


  1. 08/03/2017 / 10:36 pm

    I have a soooo many socks! A drawer full. It’s not a small drawer either, they fill one of the big drawers in my chest of drawers…! I have a sock buying problem lol. I love a cute pair of socks. 🙂

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