Viridian Beauty Complex Capsules*

Viridain Ultimate Beauty Complex Capsules

I take vitamins everyday, my multivitamins are exactly what I live on, because honestly it’s so important to make sure that I’m getting to the right vitamins all of the time, however, I have taken vitamins specifically for skincare before, and I’ve had really good results! So when I received these I was clearly incredibly excited to get these started! I’ve said before how important beauty products are to me, and how I am always on the lookout for new products to slip into my routine and they’re for everything including your hair and your nails! Ready to find out exactly what I thought about these amazing capsules? Let’s go.



They do at first have a bit of a peculiar taste to them, I can’t really explain how it tastes, however, it is something that you really do get used to! I know that might sound strange but honestly after taking them for 6 weeks, I’m definitely used to them by now.

Do they work?

After using them for about 6 weeks, I’ve definitely noticed a difference in so many different areas, so I’m going to talk about all of them individually because there are so many things that I need to address.

Skin – My skin has this radiant glow to it, not only that my skin is much clearer especially when it comes to blemishes, but also my skin tone seems to have evened out so well! That was something I wasn’t expecting however it is something that I am incredibly conscious about, but it has helped so much!

Hair – I have noticed that my hair has an amazing shine to it, it is much stronger and healthier which is one of the best feelings ever! Not only that, it seems like my hair has grown a lot quicker than it normally would!

Nails – I have noticed that my nails are breaking a lot less which is something that I have struggled with for a while now, but it’s got a lot better since having these capsules but also my nails are growing a lot quicker, which honestly is a bit of a shock to someone who isn’t used to it!

Value for money? 

For the results that you get from these capsules, I would definitely believe that they’re worth the money, you can get 30 capsules for £9.85 or you can get 120 for £25.96, I totally recommend them because they’re worth every penny. The results you get is just fantastic! I know they might seem quite steep however, if you’re looking for an investment, then I would suggest looking at buying them!

Overall thoughts

I absolutely loved these capsules, I saw such a big change in my hair, skin, and nails, I definitely recommend them to everyone because they’re something that works really really well! If you’re looking for a good capsule for your skin, hair and nails then this is the perfect one for you!

To purchase your own beautiful skincare capsules, please click here and you will be sent to the Viridian website!


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  1. 05/04/2016 / 9:42 am

    That is great to know. Thank you for the review and tips 🙂

    • facebook-profile-picture
      05/04/2016 / 10:39 am

      You’re welcome darling! This is one of my favourite things to use. Please do give them a go, I promise they’re worth it!?

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