Healthy Snacks With Proper Corn*

Proper Corn Coconut & Vanilla Popcorn

I love sweet treats, especially when they’re this healthy! Healthy food is the greatest thing ever but it’s all about balance, and when you think that healthy food is boring then let’s think again. So are you ready to find out more about this delicious bag of goodness, of course you are, then let’s go!



The taste is absolutely delicious, it tastes fabulous, it’s the sweetness that you need, especially if you’re craving it! The taste is light which is perfect because I don’t like to be too overwhelmed with flavours with my popcorn, and with the fact that the food flavours are quite sweet but wasn’t too sickly!

Value For Money

I definitely think that these are value for money, they’re only 85p for a 25g bag of popcorn, and if you want a really big bag of this then it is £1.65 which I think is an absolutely amazing price for this popcorn. It’s well worth the money and if you’re only have a little bit at a time then it’s a perfect snack for during the day, and it has got so much flavour to it!

Overall Thoughts

I was absolutely thrilled with this fantastic popcorn, it tasted amazing, had so much flavour but not only that it is so healthy. I know when I want a healthy snack that is something a little different from the regular stuff popcorn is a little different and doesn’t have a crazy calorie count. (I know calories aren’t everything.) I was never too sure about adding flavours to my popcorn I’m usually pretty specific about making sure that it is just salty popcorn because that is my favourite, but I am so glad that I pushed myself to try something different! It is so worth trying it!

You can buy yours from Holland & Barrett!

Love Amie 2016

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*Disclaimer: this was a sponsored post and realised this isn’t vegan but suitable for vegetarians, I thought all their range was vegan friendly.

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