Coconut Oil Food Supplements*

Coconut Oil Food Supplements

I love coconut oil, I use a lot of it in my everyday life, there are so many different ways you can use this amazing oil I was actually in my element when I got sent these! These capsules are actually really helpful and I added these into my daily life and I literally enjoyed every moment of it! So are you ready to find out more about these absolutely fabulous capsules, then let’s go!



There was actually no taste to these, you didn’t get the taste of oil from it which was actually quite nice because I was worried at first that I was going to get the taste of oil running down the back of my throat.

Benefits Of Using It

I really started to notice the difference when I started using these, I was noticing the difference with my nails being so much stronger, my hair is a lot stronger than it used to be, not only that it has the most beautiful shine to it, my skin is even much clearer than it used to be I was absolutely in love with the results from this product!

Easy To Use?

These are so easy to use and are easily added into your daily life, when you take your normal supplements or even medication, if you just add these amazing tablets into your routine, you honestly would never regret it!

Value For Money

These are honestly so worth the money, for 60 capsules you can get £7.99 and you take 2 a day which is actually serious value for money in my book! It is high grade oil and it works wonders so I totally think that it is worth the money that you pay!

Overall Thoughts

I am absolutely in love with this product, it is fabulous and useful and works so well in my daily life and I think if everyone used this wonderful product they would all be feeling the benefits of this wonderful product!

Buy yours now from Holland & Barrett – click here!

Love Amie 2016

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