The Best Healthy Vegan Snacks

The Best Healthy Vegan Snacks

Snacking during the day is really important, I find that if I don’t eat enough it actually affects the weight loss. However there are some amazing snacks that you can have on a regular basis that are really good for you and taste absolutely delicious. Ready to find some delicious and amazing snacks for you? Let’s do this!

trek morning berry flapjack

This protein bar is honestly one of the best ones I have ever tried, I love it, I have them on a regular basis, but not only that it is so fruity and filling it is the perfect snack for during the day.

This not your thing? Then there are more options for you!


Fruit is an amazing snack, and raspberries are fantastic! They’re some of the tastiest, most delicious and the most fabulous soft fruit there is. If raspberries are not your kind of thing, then there are others, there are raspberries, blackberries and strawberries, they are just a nutritious and filling! They taste incredible too.

oat snack bar

Last year I created an amazing recipe for an oat snack bar, it is still one of my favourite things to make, but not only that it lasts ages and it tastes incredible. Not only that it is cheap to make and it lasts quite a while. 

The other fabulous thing about this recipe is it can is the fact that it is adaptable to whatever you may want it to be, you could use this with seeds, with dates, n with anything that you may want, to suit your tastes, that is how versatile it is! 

To find this delicious recipe please click here.

Coconut Breakfast Cookies Recipe

These are another one of my favourite things to make, I previously made these as breakfast cakes, however, you can make them smaller which could then mean you could take them as a snack. They taste like healthy bakewell tarts, they are filling and absolutely delicious!

To find this delicious recipe, click here.

Vegetable Sticks

These are some of my favourite snacks ever, fresh vegetables are the most wonderful foods in the world. These snacks are some of my favourites. Every week I usually cut up a few peppers, carrots, cucumbers, these are all amazing things to eat, not only that, if you like hummus, then you can dip them in this!

My personal favourite hummus is from the Co-Op their red pepper hummus is delicious!


For those who want to stay healthy quinoa chips are a delicious alternative. They are healthier than regular chips, and not only that with quinoa in them it makes them much healthier for you than the regular potato chips.


Grapes are fantastic, however they are so much better frozen! That might sound strange however it literally makes them taste like sweets, the crunch and the sweetness, it tastes absolutely perfect. Especially for summer!

Want to find more healthy snacks? You can check out some amazing snacks here and also some vegan snacks here.

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  1. 17/06/2016 / 9:30 am

    Love this post! Quinoa chips are so good aren’t they? They’ve become my go-to snack for crisps, they’re just so moreish. I’ll have to make the oat bar recipe you shared as well, it looks so yummy and I love the Trek bars as well, I used to buy them all the time when I was at uni to keep me going during those longer lectures! – Tasha

    • facebook-profile-picture
      17/06/2016 / 10:32 am

      I love them! They taste absolutely amazing! Trek bars are literally my everything, and not only that they’re so good for you!?

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