Ooharr Face Masks Review*

oooharr face masks

Skincare is something that is very close to my heart, and finding a good face mask is like finding the holy grail for me. Nothing beats on a Sunday night a really good face mask, some chocolate and for me some bloggers chats, they’re my favourite thing in the world, so when I was sent these gorgeous face masks I was in my absolute element! There are 2 different but equally gorgeous face masks that are both vegan friendly, more about how found them both a little bit later, they’re all natural ingredients and they have some of the most fantastic smells!

About Dead Sea Cooler – I absolutely adored this one simply because it has peppermint in it, I love peppermint and my husband absolutely adores mints in general, so this one was one that was made for me!

About Rosie Glows – Rosie glows is a much more relaxing one with rose essential oils and marula oil, I loved the way this smells because it just relaxed me and made me ready for a very big pamper session.



Both of face masks had incredible scents, they were strong but not to the point where they completely overpowering your senses. Both of them reminded me of spring and summer, but not only that I found the scent stays on your skin for hours, which I think is absolutely fantastic!


The texture of both face masks are absolutely incredible, and what I love the most about them is they’re thick, but not to the point where you struggle to get the face mask out of the packet. It is of course smooth in texture, and really easy to put on the skin which makes the pamper process so much more enjoyable.

Does it work? 

I used both face masks, they were both incredible for my skin, they are both deep cleaning face masks and when I took the face mask off, my skin why moisturised, hydrated, cleaned to perfection and my skin was looking much clearer and healthier overall! Not only that it helped to fight my blemishes and my damaged skin from the winter wind.

Value for money? 

Each face mask is £1.20 each and you do get a lot of product for your money so don’t think that you will buy one and there won’t be enough to have a thick layer, because there will be lots! The face mask spreads incredibly well on the skin which helps in terms of whether you get value for money.

Overall thoughts

I genuinely found that the products were amazing value, not only that, they worked well with my skin, made my skin feel happier and healthier and made the pampering process much more enjoyable. They’re a product that I wouldn’t hesitate to buy and recommend to my friends and family.

To purchase your own gorgeous face masks, follow the link here to find out more information online!


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