Sebamed Minis Review*

After the fabulous Bloggers Hub twitter party, I honestly was so excited when I received some fabulous gifts from Sebamed UK. I was so excited because I had read up on the company before hand, and they got awarded the leaping bunny for cruelty free certification, because in my opinion it is something that should be promoted through every company, animals are just as important as humans.


The 3 fabulous minis that I received was moisturising body lotion, everyday shampoo and body and facial wash. Now I’m going to go through each product separately.


This is what the liquid face and body wash comes out like, it is so sensitive, it makes your skin feel amazing, almost like your skin is as soft as a marshmallow, the best bit about this product is it doesn’t dry your skin out. Sometimes it can be very difficult when it comes to my skin because it can dry out very easily sometimes, but this product really helped me. Link to purchase the product here.


This is what the body lotion comes out like. At first I was quite worried, because when I moisturise my skin, it can sometimes leave my skin feeling very sticky, or sit on top of the skin rather than sink into my skin, but what I loved the most about this product is it actually left my skin feeling super soft for 24 hours, and still felt soft when I went out! Link to purchase product here


I have tried this and honestly it’s such a fabulous product, it left me hair feeling fabulous from root to tip, and it also really helped when it came to leaving my hair feeling healthy. The shampoo is extremely light, even if your hair is a little greasy side, however, I did find that after 2 uses it did become a little tacky to put on my hair, but overall it is a fabulous product. Link to purchase product here.

Thank you so much Sebamed for some incredible products!

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