Plamil Foods Chocolate Bunny Review*

Chocolate Bunny Review

Easter is literally right around the corner, and I know that when it comes to chocolate it is one of my biggest weaknesses which means Easter can be a bloody awful time to for my waistline and the amount of chocolate that I want to consume (and probably will). So personally for me, finding chocolate that is perfect for me but also in the right size can be difficult, however the incredible team at Plamil foods have come up with some of the cutest chocolate bunnies for Easter! If you missed my previous post all about their Lots Of This, None Of That Chocolate Bunny review, click here.

There are 2 types of bunny that are in this range, not including the Lots Of This, None Of That Bunny. The first is the ordinary chocolate bunny, the other has been sweetened with xylitol! I have tried both. (To note, I thought I had chosen one of each to photograph, but I hadn’t, so I will give you a little comparison on both.)

Chocolate bunny



The bunnies in both cases are incredibly smooth and delicious, the only way I could really describe it is when you have regular milk chocolate, and it is so smooth it just melts in your mouth this is a similar chocolate. The original bunny however isn’t as sweet as the bunny that has been sweetened with xylitol. The cocoa in the chocolate however is pure perfection, because it isn’t overpowering and I think that is incredibly important in a chocolate!


It has an amazing consistency to it, it’s really really smooth, which is fantastic, but what I have found when it comes to chocolate you can sometimes find ones that are so thick and creamy that it leaves your mouth coated in chocolate. It is the same with both chocolates, they have the same consistency and taste absolute amazing!

Value For Money

Both bunnies are £1.25 each, whether you go for the one with the added xylitol, or the original one, however, they’re both incredible value for money. They’re organic, they’re made will fair trade ingredients, but not only that it tastes the same as regular chocolate, just without the dairy and vegan friendly. If you’re wanting to find a chocolate bunny that is perfect for children, is tasty, hasn’t got any of animal ingredients in them, then this is the chocolate bunny for you!

Overall Thoughts

These bunnies are literally everything, I cannot get enough of them, they’re enough to stop me from eating them too much and I feel like I’ve got my sweet treat just by having one of them. They’re some of my favourite chocolates, and I honestly, they’re some of the best things ever!

To purchase your own beautiful little bunny, head on over to the Plamil website and treat yourself, because honestly, you deserve it don’t you? 


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