Remembrance Sunday – Lest We Forget


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An Important Day

Every year at 11am on the second Sunday of November the Sunday closest to 11th November our nation will fall silent to allow people to remember our fallen with the families, friends and loved ones of the people we have lost. As a child I was always made aware of the importance of Remembrance Sunday, but also of the sacrifice which has and is still being made by the service men and women of this country and countries around the world. I was always in awe of the respect that Remembrance Sunday gets, for those few moments people take time out of their lives for quiet reflection to remember the people that have sacrificed their lives for us.  

What breaks my heart is when the veterans speak about their experiences, and their stories, I was very lucky that I had family friends who I had grown up with and they would talk about the war, share their stories and it definitely made me realise even more how lucky I was to have had so many inspirational people around me. Unfortunately I lost both of them a few years ago, but their stories still live on with me. 

I remember watching one year, it was one of the last First World War veterans Harry Patch and the fact that he only started talking about the war when he turned 100. I understand that because it is incredibly difficult for people to talk about, I know my Grandad (my dad’s dad) still won’t talk about it because it is a time he doesn’t want to remember, and I understand that more than anything. 

One of the things that literally uplifted me was the Christmas truce of 1914, if you haven’t heard of it, it is one of the most inspirational moments I’ve ever heard. On Christmas Eve German and British troops sang Christmas carols, shook the hands of the other soldiers, gave presents and played football together. It of course was short lived but in those couple of days there was no fighting, but a bit of chivalry between those trenches during a war which cost so many people their lives. 

I think also it is increasingly important to make sure that these World Wars, but also our wars in Afghanistan and Iraq etc are never forgotten, it’s important to remind generations about the sacrifice that people have made and what our soldiers went through to make sure that we are safe!

Being Thankful 

I have watched every Remembrance Sunday going since I was young enough to know what was going on, it is a tradition in my family, on that day my Nan would cook a big roast dinner, and at 11am should would turn the oven down, sit in her chair and have a 2 minute silence. If there was even a little noise (she was deaf but when she had her hearing aids in she was as sharp as a knife on noise) oh you’d be in the bad book alright. I remember my Grandad accidentally miscalculating how long it had been, the look my Nan gave him was hilarious, once it was over there was a huge grumble about it. I couldn’t help but giggle because it wasn’t me that was in trouble! (Sorry Grandad)

I am so thankful to all of the service men and women that have fought for our freedom and our lives, including all of my family members, my Grandads, great Grandads, Great Aunts & Uncles, I will be forever grateful. 


That fabulous gentleman is my Great Grandad Lacey, he fought in World War 2 for the British and her allies, but not only that he also helped a German soldier, he cared for him and actually saved his life. I know that might sound completely stupid because we were fighting them, however, my Grandad was given a medal, it was a Nazi medal for when the German soldier’s mother had 5 children, it was a medal of thanks. It makes me proud of my heritage as my Grandad on my Dad’s side is Jewish, and the fact that my Grandad on my Mum’s side helped in the war effort. 

Support our troops, wear your poppy with pride.

Lest We Forget.


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