How To Make Your Make Up Last Longer

It’s that time of year where you get super hot, sweaty (not the image your want right now right?) and your make up tends to fall off or doesn’t last as long as you might want it to, there are a few fabulous things that you can do to make your make up last longer.

1. foundation – Prepare your skin

Before you start putting anything on your face, you need to make sure your skin is ready, so start off by use a toner over your skin, that way you can make sure that there is no oil on your skin and you can then hydrate your skin with a serum so there is no residue on your skin and you’re starting on a fresh base.

2. Understand your skin Type

 The important thing when it comes skin is knowing the type, moisturising your skin is incredibly important, but there are 3 different types, combination, oily or even dry skin. It is incredibly important that you know your skin, but also speak to a skincare professional so you know what your skin needs and make sure that you know how to treat your skin.

3. Choose a good base for your skin

When it comes to foundation you want something that is light, something that doesn’t cake your skin. If you use a very heavy foundation it can cause your make up to shift on your face. Look for one that gives you a full day of coverage and is light on your skin.

4. PAT and blend

When it comes to putting a foundation on your skin pat it on or you can blend it on with your fingers or a brush, once you’ve finished put the loose powder over the top to make sure that you can make it stay.

5. Lips – exfoliate

Before you go and put lipstick or gloss on your lips you need to make sure that you have exfoliated and remove the dry skin but make sure that you move in circular motions!

6. lipstick sos

When you are making lipstick last, make sure that you follow the outline of your lips and then when you fill in with a lip liner that will last and then apply your lipstick with a lip brush.

7. eyes – crease proof eye make up

Firstly you need to find a really good base for your eye make up is important, find one that is smudge proof and put it all over your eyelids and go all the way up to your brows. The fabulous thing about using a smudge proof base is that it will make sure it stays where it is supposed to!

8. tips to staying cool

Summer can be one of the worst times for make up, when you get hot and sweaty you end up boiling and your make up slips, so getting a facial spray that doesn’t have oil in it because it can sometimes smudge your make up.

9. don’t forget to take it off

When you’re wearing long lasting make up, you can sometimes forget that you’re actually wearing it, so find an oil based remover which will remove the make up and it won’t be uncomfortable on your skin.


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