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I have had the pleasure of reviewing the fabulous Seaweed and Aloe Eye Gel from Amphora Aromatics and honestly it’s been fabulous. I have very temperamental eyes and I have found in the past when you take of make up and you use make up wipes, they end up stinging your eye (this was before I went transitioned to vegan) so I always struggled with it. Since trying this product it has been absolutely incredible!

how it works

This basically works by by putting it onto your eye and I massaged it in when taking my make up off, I accidentally forgot that I had it on and I opened my eyes and I thought that it might have hurt my eyes but it actually didn’t, it was incredibly gentle. After taking it off with some wet cotton wool it gently takes off your make up an refreshes  your eyes.

best time to use it

Personally the best time for me is after a busy day and before you go to bed, your eyes feel fresh and fabulous!

best part about this product

It is gentle, it is cooling, it’s soothing and it makes your eyes feel so comfortable afterwards and I found that there was no irritation at all, especially with my eyes and the problems I have with them!

downfalls of the product

Genuinely I found nothing, it’s one of those products that you need to take with you and you will be able to use on a regular basis and have fabulous results.



To purchase this fabulous product head on over to Amphora Aromatics or click the link here to go straight to the eye gel.

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