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Workouts are literally everything to me right now, I love my fitness, I love being able to workout however, I have really noticed that when I go cycling or walking or even running it really does take a toll on your feet. Looking after yourself is incredibly important in life, however these are some of the best products that you need in your product and beauty regime. Want to get to know more about these products? Let’s go.


Foot scrub is literally your best friend, when you’ve worked out, you can really tell on your feet, you end up with cracked heels and dry feet and with summer literally right around the corner we all want perfect feet. When you go to beach you don’t want to have horrid cracked feet!

This product is perfect, it smells absolutely incredible, I love the way it smells, but not only that, it exfoliates your feet absolutely perfectly! It leaves your feet so soft, and not only that it leaves your feet feeling incredible.

The best thing about this amazing scrub is the fact that you don’t need a lot of it on your feet, it is really easy to use and perfect for your feet!


I have literally fallen in love with this foot cream, I love the way that it smells! Lavender is so relaxing and after you’ve pampered yourself with these amazing products it’s about time your put some moisture back into your feet. It has a fantastic smell to it too!

This amazing foot cream is fantastic, once you’ve exfoliated your feet then you put this on, your feet feel soft, nourished and fantastic. Not only that it stops your feet from drying out, which is perfect if you struggle with dry feet.

The thing that I’ve found though is, because of the added tea tree oil, I find it isn’t as nourishing as it would be if you struggle with extremely dry feet. So if  you do it’s not the best product for you!


Like I said about the previous product, if you have extremely dry feet that isn’t the product for you, however, if you do have dry feet then this is definitely the product for you.

I love this product, sometimes when I workout really hard, the stress on my feet in ridiculous, and I use this mainly on my heels. I love the scent of this product, the aloe vera in it is very gentle it isn’t too strong and not only that it soothes your feet!

The products were absolutely fantastic, and I am honestly my feet have never felt better!

Fancy buying some of your own? You can buy them all in your local Superdrug or online.

Love Amie 2016

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