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I take supplements every day, just a regular vegan multivitamin as I find it helps me but there are so many different types on the market what are some of the things that you should take depending on the situation? Well this is where I come in!

folate or folic acid

If you’re wanting to get pregnant or you are pregnant can be incredibly beneficial for both mother & baby, the reason for this is because if there’s low levels of folic acid then there is an increased chance of birth defects.

vitamin b12 & iron

Being a vegan it is incredibly important to take a supplement for vitamin B12 & iron, the reason for this is because if you have meat, fish or dairy then you end up getting more than enough of these two vitamins, so by taking a supplement it keeps your cells healthy and happy. P.S If you struggle with heavy periods then by taking an iron tablet it can help you!

vitamin d

Vitamin D is incredibly important when it comes to having healthy bones, the best place you can get this from is being outside, however, we all know that in the UK there is no way we get enough sunshine to be able to get enough so by taking a supplement it can help you to have the recommended daily amount.

vitamin c

Whenever you have a cold coming we always reach for vitamin C to make us feel better but having vitamin c doesn’t actually prevent colds and we actually get a lot of vitamin c from foods like broccoli, kiwi, tomatoes and oranges.

st john’s wort

When you’re having a day where you’re down day or you’re not in a good mood, instead of having a lot of ice cream, taking St John’s Wort can really help tackle your mood. If however you’re on other medication, I would suggest speaking to your doctor about it first, to make sure that it doesn’t affect your other medication.


Speak to your doctor first to make sure that they know exactly what you’re taking and to make sure that it won’t have any impact on other medication.


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