Clothing Summer Essentials #1

With summer being hot on our heels, we are all getting ready for summer, and sorting out our summer wardrobe. We are all looking at the spring/summer trends and with the high street being our favourite places to go I thought I would go through some of the top picks to add to your summer wardrobe.

Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are literally your best outfit go to, regardless of the occasion, you can keep cool, but also, you will be so comfortable.


This maxi dress is perfect for summer, what I love about the most is the fact that it has a high waist so it will come just about your waist, that way you are able to be really comfortable and the print is absolutely beautiful.


Tiered maxi dresses are literally everywhere right now, even if we try to avoid it, but this dress is perfect and this fabulous dress would be perfect for any day, whether you’re going out to the beach, long walk around the park, or going to visit family, this fabulous dress will keep you cool and very comfy all at the same time.


 Okay so I know with the summer, a lot people will say I was to show a little more skin, and it’s summer who wouldn’t, we want to make the most of the sunshine, and I think with this dress, you are able to show a little more skin than with a normal maxi dress, but you have that flirty sheer length down the bottom.


Now what I love the most about this dress is the dark background which makes the floral pattern stand out even more. The good thing with this dress is you can style it up or down and it would be the perfect outfit for any occasion.


I have fallen in love with this dress, for a variety of different reasons, however, I think what I love the most is the fact there is a faint patter around the around the waist which draws you in and shows off your waist to the max.


Orange is literally my favourite colour in the entire world, and this dress has been done perfectly, with the short tier at the top which helps to draw the eye towards your chest which can help to make your waist and chest look smaller too!


I absolutely adore this dress, especially where the dress is sort of twisted around the chest but also with the v neck it can really help to draw your eyes towards your chest. The other advantage with this dress is the way that is the arms, it reminds of a 50s kind of dress with the large straps, possibly Marilyn Monroe!


This is the last dress for my summer essentials maxi dress segment, however, what I love about this dress is it’s very different, it has a boho feel to it, especially with that fabulous edging around the top tier. What I would suggest with this dress however, is if you want a little cover up, get a short cardigan or shawl, nothing too over the top, very simple, because you want to show that dress off in all it’s glory.

Next part, coming soon, we will be looking at trousers next!


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  1. lola gayle
    21/05/2015 / 8:21 pm

    I adore maxi dresses. Sadly, I can’t wear them. I’m way too short and they wind up dragging at least 4-6 inches on the floor lol

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