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We all have those days, weeks, even months where we feel like there aren’t enough times in the day to get all of our bits and pieces sorted, so I think it’s important to look at  the way in which we can manage our time better, but also try to give ourselves a break.

Have you ever noticed that days seem to merge together, you’re too busy to do all of those things you wanted to do, you end up cutting out all of the time that you should be relaxing, and you end up losing all of that free time you’re supposed to have. Or at least time to have a rest and see your friends, but it’s also important that you have time which is important, because if you’re working so much and you’re not having more any leisure time, then you are more than likely going to burn out physically.

Step 1 – Work less, gain more. 

This might sound incredibly different , but what you need to remember is leisure doesn’t mean ever that you’re lazy, you are showing that it is important to have time for yourself. Make time for the things that you truly love, even if it is a long weekend to spend with your partner, going out with your family, taking a long run around the park or even going away and being able to turn off all of y our phones and electronics and just have a few days of chill time.

Don’t automatically assume that if you spend all of your hours working that it will mean you get a promotion, it doesn’t work like that unfortunately. Your boss will be looking more at what your output is like rather than the amount of hours you spend working,if you are working all of the hours possible, it can sometimes mean that you have no idea on how to manage your time.

If you are working all of your weekends and evenings it can cause your body to struggle, so this can include getting lots of headaches, sickness, tiredness and not only that when you’re working so many hours you’re not giving your body enough time to relax or even de-stress because if you don’t give your body rest, you are at a greater risk of heart disease.

If you have an outlet it can really help you, especially if you feel like you’re not having enough time to yourself, so by doing this you are able to let all of these ideas just flow and be able to take time as it comes.You cannot force yourself to be creative, but by taking more time to do things that you love, it can then boost your creative side.

When you’re working over around 50 hours a week, your concentration  slips but also, you’re forgetting that you are allowed to have your own time too, and that’s increasingly important. Remember to take a little time to relax and rest your mind, we all need a little recharge.

2. Plan your day

When you plan your day, you’re more likely to be able to be able to stick to it. The night before, write down all of the things that you want to get done, write down all of your appointments, and what needs to be done the next day and then you’re more likely to be prepared for the day to come.

Make sure that when you’re planning your day that you haven’t got to rush around, remember it’s all about balance and what you nee to get done, take into consideration everything from waking up, to eating, to meetings, everything. That is how I plan my day and I keep track of my life and making sure I can get everything.

3. How to give yourself more time

There are quite a few ways in which you can save yourself time, and that can be a lot of different things, for example, because most of us have smart phones and practically every few minutes our phone goes off, it can be any of the social networks, messaging apps, or even game notifications, so just to manage your time wisely. So when you are trying to engage in an email, set aside a little time in the morning to be able to go through all of your emails and reply, then before you leave, check to see if there is any urgent emails for you to reply to and if there is give it a reply.

Instead of writing what you need to do, write down all of the things that need to be done today and a list of what could be done or wait till tomorrow. This way you’re not overworking yourself and you’re prioritising your day.

When you’re relaxing, try to do something that makes you feel proud of doing, it’s always really nice to lay on the sofa and chill, but make sure that you do something that your love.

Try not to check your emails from your mobile, I know it is quite easy to do and you can just check for a few minutes, but if you add up all of those times you’re checking your emails it can add up to over 2 hours a week and possibly more. Imagine what you could be doing instead!

Apps can be incredibly helpful to help you to remember, for example I use Evernote and it’s basically filled with notes that I have to be reminded of, or things that need to be done, or things that pop into my mind, either way it is super helpful for when you’re busy!


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