Magnitone Review*

Magnitone were incredibly generous to send me this fabulous Magnitone Lucid after The Bloggers Hub Twitter party, and I was overwhelmed by their decision to send me one!


How does it work? 

There are 2 settings deep clean and sensitive, which is really helpful, go over your face beforehand with your favourite face wash and make it into a lather, and from there go over slowly with your face with the Magnitone Lucid. It is very gentle on your face and is perfect for all skin types! (Win win situation right?)

Best time to use it? 

I would personally suggest that using it in the shower or the bath is the best because it allows your pores to open and give your skin that fabulous deep clean feeling.

Best part about this product? 

Personally my favourite part about this product is the way it leaves your skin, as soon as you’ve used it, your skin feels alive, fresh, clean and smooth! It honestly made my skin feels absolutely incredible and it started literally after the first time I used it!

Downfalls of the product? 

Make sure that you get the right setting on your skin, the reason I say this is because if you are cleaning your skin with it, you can easily forget that you might have it on deep clean, so it’s important to check your settings, because if you use deep clean too much, it can dry your skin out a bit.

Rating? ?????

To buy click the link here and to get a discount use the code Amie20 it will be the best purchase you will make.


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